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    I hope I don't mess up!

    Hey, don't think about messing up. Think about the music and how much you love to play while you're performing. Stay focused. Most of all, think about how fun it is, not how scarey it is.
  2. sammy

    Staccatto and Martele

    There's a good bowing book called Sevchick ( spelling??). It has a lot of helpful bowing stuff in it.
  3. sammy

    Bowling Green Summer Strings People

    That's great. What's your name???
  4. sammy

    Bowling Green Summer Strings People

    quote: Originally posted by Jeswinky*: Are you a red-head with a violin named Bob? Yes the red-head would be me. Bob is my violin Dr.Beluska is a great teacher. I like his violin philosophies.
  5. Hi everyone. I went to Bowling Green Summer Strings camp this year, but I totally spaced out getting people's e-mail addresses. So if you did go and you want to keep in touch drop me a line. Or if you want to know anything about the camp, I'd be happy to point you in the right direction. Sam
  6. sammy


    I like wrapped gut strings, but could I get suggestions on brands??
  7. sammy

    the key of C

    The key of C is a hard one in the fact that it has no sharps or flats and tends to wreak havoc on your ear when it comes to tuning it.
  8. I am the first violin of a quartet group that is wanting to get some jobs for things. One problem, we do not have a name and we can not think of any. We used to go by the Musicians in Black, but we need a professional name. We play all kinds of music, so we can't go on that. Ugh, we're having musician's block. Besides the Group Formerly Known As Musicians In Black might get us slapped with a plaigerism suite, lol. Any suggestions?
  9. I need to write a report on someone and I want to do Jascha Heifitz, but one of the criteria is that they had to be living at at least 1997. Does anyone know if Jascha Heifitz is alive? If not when did he pass away? I know that this is a strange question, but I really really need to know. Thanks.
  10. sammy


    Great doodle.
  11. I just got back from a strings program at Bowling Green University a few weeks ago. And I just loved it. It was a really neat experience. If anyone is thinking about going to a summer strings camp look into Bowling Green. Everyone there was so nice and helpful. I learned a lot of things. Like I used to be really nervous about playing in front of people. My stage presence was none existent, but after the camp, I started to get better at playing in front of people. It was so cool because all you had to think about was music music and more music. Not to mention music. And oh by the way MUSIC. Music music music..... I think you get the picture. For the music obessed, it's heaven. I even found out that my violin was deformed!!! They pointed out that the bridge was too small and that the neck was at the wrong angle. I wouldn't have ever of known and my violin has been repaired now. So it's sound is so much better and it's easier to play. So if anyone is considering a strings camp. LOOK INTO BOWLING GREEN. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY. It was so cool. MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC.
  12. sammy


    Chords are a big part of a lot of pieces. You can have your simple g d b g chords on let's say bouree to hoffmeister chords. My only advice though is to play on the tips of your fingers and tune carefully each note.
  13. I have found out that if you place each of your playing fingers on the tips to the tip of your thumb of the same hand and wiggle it back and forth lightly and quickly, it loosens up your hand for vibrato. It works too. I learned that trick from a really good violinst that helped me out a bit so that I would not play so stiffly. Maybe it will help you too.
  14. sammy

    My first student!

    Good for you. Teaching is one of the most rewarding things about music.
  15. sammy

    The Back of a Violin

    I have noticed that a lot of violins have a split in the wood down the center of the back. The wood haves stripes lining up to that center split or line. My violin is not like that. It appears to be one piece of wood. It is highly flamed ( I think that is the right word) not striped like these other violins. Is is favorable to have a violin back like mine? Are there any adverse side effects to have a back like this? Is it more favorable to have striped wood or flamed wood?