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  1. When a "private" person ring on my door from any other EU-countrys and wanna sale some nice pieces of wood he carry under his arms for cash against a simple handwritten reciept.... it would run under a VAT-free business expense. But sure you get in trouble if this happens every week.
  2. I cannot believe this! But anyway here is a german site wich could help http://evatr.bff-online.de/eVatR/
  3. Mainly on the "natural aged 10+ years" in that quality I have to say good luck to any who are still dreaming about this to get it from a wooddealer. Maybe you find a maker who like to sale some seasoned pieces to you, but i have my doubt. The prices on maple here in europe falling rapidly the last years since Romania has became a member of the EU. Nice wood but still fresh. Maple from the karpatian mountains Welcome to the world of Violins!
  4. I should mesure the density, I have more from that tree.
  5. Thank you I am doing well, nothing else to worry about in my life. The other here in this thread? The photo above shows no sealer, just wet. Of course it would be equalize then. The photo attached shows the same wood. Both are aprox 5mm thick. We see the different wich can tell us not all is even in the same tree. That could be right!
  6. That`s right when we talk about the production cost. But for many it was just too expensive to buy.
  7. I got the same offer from the puplisher personal. I bought it now, but couldn`t find any slight defects. Wondering how many they have with thoose defects.
  8. Does anyone have an explanation for this effect? Why are are the endgrain of the heel always darker than the button? Further more when it's wet. Back and neck are taken from the same tree. Could be the larger endgrain surface a reason?
  9. Yes all have Instruments made by myself. It runs since 1998. I do not any repairwork.
  10. I understand it with the fossil resins. What about all the alcohol soluble resins like Sandrac, Ginepro, Mastix, Benzoe....a.s.o. Are they any different in temperatures and cooking time?
  11. What different characteristics have a varnish wich was cooked on lower and higher temperatures for you? Any objektive visible advantages and disadvantages? I think it is more impossible to tell on a finish violin how hot the varnish was cooked.
  12. Two trailers of an Documentary movie wich was shown in Canada. Anybody knows if it is available the full movie on DVD?
  13. Thank you Ben. I prefer to clean up my benches after every workstep.
  14. I think i still find the middle point for drill the endpin hole.
  15. Or so many who never enter no matter where and how often they occur.
  16. I did not see the back or something closer exept the scroll on the video. But the scroll looks like really old german.
  17. 100% the truth and the realtiy if we talk about the business in new-making. What you mean with "reality"?
  18. Oh sorry i understand. Well it looks like i am the only violinmaker who do this in a different way. I glue the nut on the fingerboard completely first. For varnishing i remove the fingerboard include the nut.
  19. I use traditional hot hide glue (rabbit) in all joints of my Instruments. Hot hide glue is the only one it works with the "dovetail" effect to guarante an unvisible joint if the surface is perfect. For other glues (include Titebond) there is allways a minimum layer, doesn`t care how high the preassure is. For all glueing work include nut/fingerboard i use also IR-light to warm up the wood after the glue was applied. If you observe all rules correct you have trouble to break nut from the fingerboard away on the point of the joint. The wood of the nut will break out.
  20. I mean the violins didn`t reach the second round in Cremona with that look. In the first round there was no judge of sound, wich makes some makers a bid angry. I understand if a very good sounding violin misses the tone judge. I think the VSA handle this different? The triennale give no certificate of merit for tone.
  21. Which makes me wonder if a gold winning instrument one year, might not win a gold in another year? I saw this summer the Violin by Primo Pistoni wich won the gold-medal at the Triennale 1997. Perfect polished varnish surface without visible texture. Most Violins who showed that look that year in Cremona did not reached the second round.