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  1. Working on Instrument no. 100 wich becomes a cello.
  2. Two of my favorite colleagues are Luca Sbernini and Giancarlo Guicciardi
  3. Nice Cello in the book "Contemporary Cremonese Masters".......
  4. http://www.thestrad.com/latest/news/christie-s-quits-instrument-auctions-for-private-sales
  5. I haven`t words, just shake my head....unbelivable....
  6. Can you mention just one "german" middlemen with huge profit on this? How many new Violins of top quality are hanging around worldwide unsold because of...?
  7. I think it is Florian Sandner. But he have no website.
  8. http://geigenbaumuseum-mittenwald.de/ I see this museum site is not in english wich is a shame! Better I keep my opinion on their idea of "marketing" in my mind. I just live 40 miles away, but..... email doesn`t work. So try to write there: info@markt-mittenwald.de
  9. Scraper burnisher is right. But many use that tool to widen the purfling channel a little. The shape is perfect for this.
  10. Michael K.

    Knots in Wood...

    Knots are just a part of nature also on my last cello.
  11. Not really time for discussing in that direction.....
  12. Yes here it is what i was waiting to read from a true Violinmaker. Thank you! All this blind tests have in my opinion a bid of an erupting "lifestyle-disease". Sitting on workbench dilligent just in order to support ourself and family (wich was also just in forefront of Stradivari`s mind) sounds of course a bid boring, for the medias today as well. Furthermore i find this blindtests between classical cremonse and contemporary makers a bid insulting for all other great makers and their instruments they were made between them. No words and attention for J.B. Vuillaume, Rocca, Fagnola, Fiorini, Poggi..... just a few names to mention as an example. Wondering what happen when one of thoose are a winner.
  13. http://www.empa.ch/plugin/template/empa/1256/115333/---/l=2/changeLang=true/lartid=115333/orga=/type=/theme=/bestellbar=/new_abt=/uacc= Viedo only in german language unfortunally
  14. I think i post this here on Pegbox not Auctionscroll. What all my maker colleagues think about this sale? The two Cellobacks lot 240 on the Rene Morel - Wurlitzer sale hold by Tarisio was sold for 25.300 $ just now. Wondering if one of us makers did it, or somebody who put it in a vitrine for look on it every day. Also lot 242 went for 15.600 $ include buyers premium.
  15. Yes for sure I know this..... But the few top is how much % of all customers who decide to buy a new one? (In all price ranges) Please underline and in fat letters: bank a couple million, then live off the dividends
  16. Exactly Jacob! Why not a Poggi vs. a Vuillaume? And so on....
  17. Good points skiingfiddler, I confirm! It is allways the dance around the hot soup. Would people ever understand we never get an final result?
  18. Would that and further results have any positiv impacts for us makers? How many % of all customers take the choice to choose a modern vs. a Strad (or something else in that range)? That % is zero. At the same time a expert panel discussed fine instruments as investment vehicles. For sure there would be none modern under this doesn`t care how good their sound.
  19. Online Banking and wire transfer inside Europe is easy and fast with the IBAN and BIC code. Just in one day mostly. But for wire to a Bank outside the EU it is still necessary to go to your Bank personal and fill out the papers. Is it possible in the US to wire to all countrys worldwide without leafing your home chair? Paypal isn`t bad exept the charge of 4% from the receiver. It is possible to pay from your Smartphone directly also in higher amount if you have a full trusted registeration.
  20. Michael K.


    Thx all! I think da Vinci have the largest collection. Actually I use the "Fit for Hobby" serie. But I think i nedd something a bid stiffer. The Catalog shows really a wide range. I should send them a email and see what there specialists recommend. Maybe i go to try out this too. Joe did you mean that brush? Berl: When you mentiod the problem with the loosing hairs I think immediately about the brushes from "Findeisen" Howard Core and GEWA sale it. Many are unsatisfied with them. Here is a link to da Vinci Catalog http://www.davinci-defet.com/englisch/artist-brushes/artist-brushes.html
  21. Michael K.


    I am planing to buy a set of new brushes for varnishing. So I ask what is all available in different countrys and what special properties should a really good brush have for you all? Oil-, and/or alcohol varnish. Any recommendations and experience with some companys? Who produce really good one in 60mm for Cello?