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  1. 47 Million on friday Roger. But i have other plans to do if i would be win.
  2. First time i saw it in "The Strad" today, never heard before. Looks very nice, but the price for this is more as 8.600$ !!!!!! Anybody have it and can tell us the final result on the wood that justify the price compare to others?
  3. Thank you so much Daryl and franciscus!
  4. Wich company make thoose chinrest? I have customer who is asking for that or other model wich is much higher as the regular, but nothing to find in any catalogue.
  5. If you know who is the producer of your pegs ask them how they do it. But most of them use nitric acid follow by fumigation with ammonia. (Tempel as well as Lorenz company do this). You can control the color by the time of the ammonia fumigation. After this i use the Hammerl Fingerboard oil wich get harden, follow by smoothing.
  6. The real goal has allready done. People talk about!
  7. Use Fedex! Or better look for a parcel shop wich offer Fedex service. For a Violin about 80 Euro from Germany to US, 48 hours or lesser without custom problems. Don´t forget the "lacy-act".
  8. I am in the same opinion as David Hart. Just in my mind comes the Mittenwald maker Joseph Kantuscher who is now over 90 years old and still working. He made close to 700 instruments after his own style, model and arching. All in straight look. His baroque style of edge work is unique and artistic. He won prizes in the 60´s in the last century.
  9. Roger, i bought my Tormek some month ago from "Dieter Schmid" http://www.feinewerkzeuge.de/%C2'> I have tried out many, but this is by far the best i know. I made my own jig to sharpen scrapers on it.
  10. Well i try to g I try to get the DVD. But I understand that Trailer very well as I undertand the Italian culture. This tree makers are the follower of the Renaissance there and remember the history of the 20th century making in italy. Yes there are some in their footsteps with highly recognition.
  11. The Strad sale the DVD. I need to find out more backround on this and post it here.
  12. It is Gio Batta Morassi, Gian Carlo Guicciardi (pupil of Poggi), Francesco Bisolotti, and Renato Scrollavezza.
  13. I asked if anybody have seen the complete movie allready, and not if somebody have seen anything more interesting.
  14. Berl it is just a Trailer of this movie!
  15. Anybody saw it allready? Glad it is not another dance around Stradivari.
  16. Yeah-yeah.... But applause, applause by record selling prices of Strad´s and contemporary´s.
  17. Here are two Strads. The head is from the "Gibson" viola. The pores are filled perfect, exept the ground weared off and dirt goes in over the time.
  18. Who say it was allways done in one single way?
  19. Mode 2 around 52 to 58 HZ, Mode 5 125 to 135 Hz.
  20. This would be my understand of contemporary art. Street chalk painter who do not care about the next rain shower.
  21. Ahhhhh look here.......now you all can discuss more about art....vs.....art. Don`t think it is out of IKEA otherwise you will get called an "philistine" Contemporary art by Damian Hirst. Estimate by Sotheby`s: 1.2 Million $
  22. Out of international tax rules what is "art" "An artist is recognized as if his entire body of work of experts and people interested in art is considered to be artistically significant, and may be assumed that this assessment over long time endures. Awards, art prizes, major art exhibitions and participation in the acquisition of works by important museums with a national reputation are important indicators of the importance of an Artist." So i am "only a craftsmen. No Awards, no won prizes, no exhibitions, no participation on anything of it......sorry.
  23. I never exhibit, but when i walked through the last 3 years before i confirm this with Davide. This year i was not. The question for the organizer in forfront is what kind of customers are coming and what they are looking for. I think they count lesser vsitors also, but tell allways just the opposite. We will see where the trend is going.