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  1. Yes I use that varnish. But for the ground i make it complete by my own.
  2. Thank you to Roger! I have ordered one from the company Felder in Austria. It is named "Hammer" and is a Sister-Company.
  3. I found this documentation movie done a little careless in the view of her Status and her two Violins worth over 20 Million. Would you show the Puplic your Property include the mention of "Lake Austin"? 1 Minute on Google-Earth.....Bingo!
  4. Thank you Melvin! I post it soon when the violin is finish.
  5. But what a color different between Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac....
  6. The violin I attached above was made by Italian maker Luca Sbernini who won the gold medal at the Trienale competition 1991 with it.
  7. Which classical model was the basement of here? Non! All was self constructed. I am wondering how many so called "Top-makers" are able (and have the courage and self-convidence) to do this today with success. I didn´t seen any a long time.
  8. How about you create your own personality? Like no other as Joseph Kantuscher did very successful.
  9. Don´t forget to take the Metro in Saint Pete. Some of this Stations are worth to see.
  10. I never win......i never will enter. I asked a judge at the last Mittenwald competition how about a model after the Klotz family. His answer was simple: "No chance!" Why? Answer: "Because it is so."
  11. Hello to all. I did not follow and read all the posts on this topic. Many of them it is a bid hard to read and translate exactly for me. But i know for sure what you all talking about. I am wondering at first what is the real and final goal to make this kind of Blindtests again and again? And i am sure we will see in the future some more in various processes include critic`s . How long it will take we humans understand there is never a final result. My personal critic on this and past Blindtests is why are they allways reduced to "classical Cremonese" vs. modern and new? Why you take not any single Violin by JB. Vuilliume as an example (Hillary Hahn`s would be of intererst), and not any other of any decade and country in this Boat? It would be more as fair for the history of Violnmaking wich is not reduced only to Strad and contemporary makers! What happen if a violin by (for example) Carl F. Becker, Chicago 1954 would be the overall winner, or a Premysl Spidlen of Prague 1960? Great sounding violins were made in every decade in every country.
  12. 47 Million on friday Roger. But i have other plans to do if i would be win.
  13. First time i saw it in "The Strad" today, never heard before. Looks very nice, but the price for this is more as 8.600$ !!!!!! Anybody have it and can tell us the final result on the wood that justify the price compare to others?
  14. Thank you so much Daryl and franciscus!
  15. Wich company make thoose chinrest? I have customer who is asking for that or other model wich is much higher as the regular, but nothing to find in any catalogue.
  16. If you know who is the producer of your pegs ask them how they do it. But most of them use nitric acid follow by fumigation with ammonia. (Tempel as well as Lorenz company do this). You can control the color by the time of the ammonia fumigation. After this i use the Hammerl Fingerboard oil wich get harden, follow by smoothing.