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  1. Then I hope a $10.000 Violin truely is what the label reads.
  2. David say´s what most people knows. The city become worry about their UNESCO status. Furthermore the Violinmaking school there graduate 30-40 makers every year. What kind of future they will have?
  3. Just catched this article. China is planing to open one or two shops in the Center of Cremona to offer and sale stringed instruments "Made in China", also Violins in "white". The start of a new decade? A break down of a 300 year old tradition?. Let´s discuss. Hope many cremonese makers will join here too.
  4. Just carry three coats. Nothing polished or smoothed till now
  5. What a Violin! Everything on it is stunning!
  6. Best Fingerboards today are from Juergen Klier in Premium Quality. Price is 27 Euro for Violin www.klier-josef.de/index_us.html From Dictum it is absolute not recommendable.
  7. When you talk about a "V" you mean more an "egg-shape toward to the nut I guess?
  8. Today annonced in the Newspaper he made 846 Instruments! Opus 500 was in 1985.
  9. One of the best german and famous Violinmaker of Mittenwald, Josef Kantuscher has past away some days ago in the age of near 92. Josef Kantuscher was famous for his unique personality. Won prices in Liege 1957, Roma 1959 Posen 1962 Jury member of many Competitions. His models for Violin, Viola and Cello were self-constructed. Oustanding consistency in his Instruments wich count over 600.
  10. Davide, you went down to 62gr. with a Density of 0.40 ? Your Spruce must be very stiff along the grains to keep up 373 Hz in M5. Or I am wrong?
  11. Here some photos. How exhusting this must be for the Jury....
  12. By the way I get asked by "The Strad" to write an report about the Triennale in the view of a visitor. See how and when it comes out.