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  1. I have allready ordered mine at Mondomusica last September. Book is amazing include Photos of Varnishtexture. Should come in February.
  2. The Tailpiece is from Knut Tempel in figured Boxwood. I fummed it to became a bid darker.
  3. ...and something new. Made two in same time.
  4. Yes Bruce you are right with the different size of the hands and players taste. It´s not only the string spacing, also the wide of the fingerboard, edge- and neckshape /thickness. I took this out of "The Strad" Trade secret by Andrew Finnigan (Nov. 2013 page 78)
  5. Pro digital sound level meter.
  6. I use it too. But never had any problems with it. All adjusted right? but with bad Rosewood i know it could be a Problem. Nothing is perfect.
  7. You right David. I will take a photo from your Viola. it´s on a nice Place.
  8. Good Idea David! I will try this way to see the Scroll from the Messiah and futhermore from your winning viola just steps away. But I am affraid it ends up in the way bellow when carry in a empty milk carton wich have clear visible holes.
  9. Finally arrived the Messiah Strad in Cremona till December. Three copy´s by J.B. Vuillaume escorting it.
  10. Then I hope a $10.000 Violin truely is what the label reads.
  11. David say´s what most people knows. The city become worry about their UNESCO status. Furthermore the Violinmaking school there graduate 30-40 makers every year. What kind of future they will have?
  12. Just catched this article. China is planing to open one or two shops in the Center of Cremona to offer and sale stringed instruments "Made in China", also Violins in "white". The start of a new decade? A break down of a 300 year old tradition?. Let´s discuss. Hope many cremonese makers will join here too.
  13. Just carry three coats. Nothing polished or smoothed till now