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  1. Any information about violiondealers in abrabian countries?
  2. Have anybody experience with Phillipsviolins and Bows Inc. in Lake Worth, Florida? Please let me know. I had (have) a very very bad one. Michael
  3. Go here for a original violin "by" Hannibal (Annibale) Fagnola 1931 http://images.prosperpoint.com/1585/80269-33.jpg Michael
  4. I just saw the photos, but the pics are not in the best quality. The only what I can say is, I miss the black ink on the edge of the scroll. Every instrument by Fagnola have it!!!!! Also I feel the corners are to much "hook" like. Fagnolas corners are a little bid shorter. If anybody like to see a good photo of a abolute original work by this great Turin maker, feel free to email me. Michael Koeberling violin@t-online.de www.fineinstruments.com
  5. Thank you for quick reply. I saw now his web-site is changed, and have now the information. Michael
  6. Have anybody more inormation about the death of David Rubio? He was a British violinmaker, and we had a phone-call last spring. His site is still on the web! www.rubioviolins.com Thank you Michael Koeberling
  7. Oh Mr. French what a fast replay from you. I think I missunderstood something what you wrote in the past, sorry for that my english is not allways the best. I tried to contact you personal by phone, but I was surprised what Butterfield said to me, and of course they gave me not your private number. I think I was a little bid to much angry in the past days. But for now I go back to my other desk to make new violins, I feel better with a violinmaking tool in my hand as a keyboard under my finger. By the way: The Gagliano wich I offered on Ebay was really sold to a professional player. He contact me only by e-mail, because he like to stay absolute anonym. (He made no bid) I think a lot of people are getting exited when I offer a real violin by Antonio Stradivari in the Autum or beginning of winter on Ebay. (Unfortunally, I am not the owner). Michael
  8. The wood from Stradivaris maple were all from Bosnia /Yugoslavia, and was coming over the ocean to Venice. (Somebodys knows the story about "saltwater") Violinmakers, and makers of Furnitures bought this wood direct from dealers out of the water. Maybe it was cut. "del Gesus" wood was not so nice as Stradivaris, maybe the cost was the problem. At the beginning of Stradivaris career the wood was not so nice as in the "Golden Period". Take a look in the Book by Charles Beare about the Stradivari exhibtion 1987 in Cremona. The back of the violin "Tullaly" wich is now owned by a Bank of south Germany have 7!!! branches. Michael
  9. Thank you Mr. Mark Wells for your cancel on the "bad" coment from Mr. Todd French here about my cello "labelled" Natele Novelli, wich I offered on Ebay. I talked also to ebay and Butterfields about this problem. Mr Todd French is not longer the expert of Butterfields!!! (ca 4 Month ago). I know we in Germany have stronger rules what we write in the puplic as in the USA. But we all have a good friendship here in the musical instrument world. So again it is not nice when anybody write bad things about anybodys instruments, offered anywhere in the wwweb like ebay. Thank you to all for your nice coments here, and also to the 37!!!!!! e-mails from people who stay on my side. Michael Koeberling violin@t-online.de http://www.fineinstruments.com
  10. I am looking for used and and/or old accessoiers for violin -viola and cellos like pegs, strings, fingerboards,tailpieces a.s.o. Michael