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  1. Are you sitting near it and watch it all the time? A box or closed room is obvious, nothing bad can happen then.
  2. Well I think I should step in now in this thread with my personal opinion as i see one of my Violins lot no. 309 is on. Many knows Elmar Oliveira own and play on many contemporary Violins from different makers like Curtin & Alf, Scott Cao, by myself and some more. Elmar received a another violin from me this summer, so we put this one on auction although we had some privat offers. I understand a famous owner can help to reach a good price. But for me personal I expect nothing special. What happens......happens. My basic philosophy as a violinmaker is partely different compare to my colleagues. That is also the reason why i stay complete away from making competitions. I see this not as a promotion tool or a advertisment, and I feel not sad if it goes under my price or receive no bids. The extimate is fine for me also in the view the violin is just 5 years old but with some wear of use. I am only a bid dissatisfied with the photos, specifically from the back. I find it really overexposed and shows in my opinion not the original color and look. But i know it could be my Monitor as well.
  3. r) collection pieces and works of art of an educational, scientific and cultural materials that are not and are intended for sale to museums, galleries and other facilities to be introduced by the the competent authorities of the Member States for duty-free Importation of those goods have been authorized to 1. A violin is in the international tax and duty regulation not an artwork or a collection piece as long it is use as a regular "untensil" doesn`t matter if it is older then 100 years. As i explained before Violins can get two different HTS-codes depends it is in use for playing professional or it is for a museum. 2. Article 13 of the Sixth Directive governs certain exemptions from VAT. It provides among other things: "A. Exemptions for certain activities in the public interest - they shall not systematically aim to make a profit. Both, Ms. Horigome and Ms. Janke give not a cultural service for free. Both are professional violinist and that is a usual business with a regular income and runs under all tax regulations. This issue is for me now complete.
  4. This is right. Swiss is a independent country in Europe. Last year the Swiss discuss to open and align the customs and laws to the EU. But i think this Idea was dropped quickly.
  5. This is partly right. It was 2 years ago when Patricia Kopatchinskaja get seized her Violin in Zurich airport by the Swiss customs. The owner of this Guarnerie is the National Bank of Austria, an the Violin was also on loan to her. After this the Swiss changed the rules in this case. But it has no impact for other countrys in Europe. Swiss is not a member of the EU.
  6. I can bring here my knowledge and experience only for travling people who are european or german citizen. At first i have to say you are allways on the right site when you contact an inland custom office in any case in your near first no matter in which country you life before you departure. They give you the right instruction and you are on the safe side. In the view of worldwide custom and duty regulations a violin is only a utensil with the International validity HTS code of: 92021010 (Other stringed instruments played with a bow) http://hts.usitc.gov/ As long a Violin is in use (privatly, professional, charitable) will get the priority against the HTS-code 97060000 (Antiques of an age exceeding one hundred years) This code is taken when a Musical Instrument is specific only for a Museum. (The Messiah Strad as an example). When you are a european citizen and you are planing to travel with your Instrument please contact prior to departure to the customs authorities when you bring back the sameness. This is also the same with any other goods over 430 Euro like Photocamera, Notebooks, and!!!!!!! Cellphones if higher then this. Take your goods include your Invoice to the custom-office wich clearly show the VAT was payed inside the EU, or the cutom-papers if you have import the goods from a third country outside the EU. With the custom you will get now a "Nähmlichkeitsbescheinigung" (identity-paper), wich you show the custom on the Airport when you arrive back in the EU. Please note two important points! 1. Only the right custom-papers have validitiy for your goods when you arive back..... nothing else! 2. If you get an Instrument on loan from outside the EU please contact also the customs before you take (and import) the Instrument into the EU the first time. A future idea of an Instrument passport will have only success when all custom authorities give their approval on this worldwide.
  7. It was certainly not my intention against you or against Americans in general to speak something derogatory, also with regard I export more than 70% of my hand-made instruments in the United States. In this regard, I know the custom regulations in many countrys quite accurately. I just wanted to explain that you can also get into trouble with the U.S. customs authorities when this form is missing or filled out incorrectly! That has nothing to do with a "bait". This issue is for me now complete.
  8. With a new violin without the lazy-act or just type in Ebony - "Madagascar" instead of "Cameroon".
  9. Here is a another link http://www1.zoll.de/english_version/a0_passenger_traffic/c0_holidays_germany/index.html
  10. Ben, as i understand right in your text it was just the opposite. Both musicians went to the "green lane" as the most travlers do and were selected random by a custom officer to control. Both were in supposition "nothing to declare" but they were wrong. The second trouble was both have no or not provide sufficient documentation for the Instruments. The 1736 "Muntz" Stradivari is own by the Nippon-Foundation. And the head of this Foundation is the Education-Ministry of Japan. http://www.nmf.or.jp...nstruments.html
  11. I really don`t want to step in again in this discussion. But this article in the newpaper....... ok then. A violin is on loan says a paper by the owner???? Ok then after i pass the custom border i throw this paper in the nearest trash-can and looking forward about my commission as a courier to bring a 7.5 Million Violin to the next owner VAT-FREE of course. Wow that trick is so easy, so lets go and type endless papers by xy...foundations everything is on loan. (Hopefully no European Tarisio-NY-buyers will try out this) As i said this many times and i do this again: Only official custom papers for your violin have validity In case of this newsarticle i have to say the customs are right. This law is cleary to understand: The international custom- and tax regulations make no difference between people and objects. Also a high social prestige of individuals and items give nobody the right of a special treatment.
  12. Did anybody see this before? It found in an Grancino cello and call it "Season-screw" I guess to change the neck angle. Wondering if and how it should work.
  13. Georgous looking violin. Ground, varnishcolor, and antique job is really nicely done. I am impressed by the "chip-out" of the varnish in the chanel of the c-bout. Wondering what kind of technic and material was used to create that autenthic non stereotype look.
  14. Workmanship judges were: Jean Jaques Rampal, Gregg Alf, Peter Beare, Luca Sbernini. I forgot someone?
  15. Violin 1 Ulrich Hinsberger – Germany 2 Nicholas Gooch – UK 3 Gonzalo Bayolo – Spain Viola 1 Ulrike Dederer – Switzerland 2 Charles Coquet – France 3 Florian Geyer – Germany Cello 1 Not awarded 2 Krzysztof Krupa 3 Lorenzo Rossi – Italy Double bass 1 Marco Nolli 2 Marianne Lenzini 3 Francisc Gyorke
  16. The customs have most no idea of the value of Musical Instruments. As we know there are no fix prices for antiques only estimates. The Frankfurt custom office had called the "Chamber of Crafts" for nameing an expert in there near. This expert is shall act under swearing to announce the estimate wich was just the lowest limit for a del Gesù.
  17. She received her violin back after all required documents have been submitted, of course free of any charge. (wich is also part of a customs official treatment)
  18. This Photo was taken from him 2 days ago in the court-house. His face does not look like the healthiest.
  19. I post something a bid wrong here and on other forums. You get in contact with the customs regular in the country of the final destiantion in the EU. But in the issue her it was different. Ms. Horigome left the transit-aera on the Airport in Frankfurt because she was planing to stay one day in Frankfurt. And that was the reason why the german customs catched her. If she only changed the plans there she had to cross the customs in Belgium. But there are the same rules as in all other countrys. On the street-borders there are no more passport and duty controls inside the EU. (Schengener Abkommen) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schengen_Agreement
  20. I think this Document (Nähmlichkeitsbescheinigung) varries a little international include in some states of the EU. For all international traveling musicians it is the safest way to contact the Customs of your country and ask for the right steps and documents.