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  1. 50 minutes ago, lpr5184 said:

    Michael, of everyone here on this forum your work has always been the most inspirational to me. There are many others like Christian, Melvin, Neil and Conor to name only a few,...but it's your level of work I aspire but will never reach. What more can one say....it is, what it is.


    Thank you for your nice words. So I will posting allways from my work.

  2. 1 hour ago, Danube Fiddler said:

    I can´t understand this judgement. Do you have some high-res-pics for some closer views of this instrument ?

    From your pics yet shown here I see a wonderful looking instrument with great ground/ varnish and a very highl level of antiquing. I think, muscicians will appreciate the optical appearance very much.

    Could be the reason, that in VSA only a very little bit antiquing is allowed ?

    The Winner Violins the past three VSA competitions were all strong antiqued.

  3. 2 hours ago, Andreas Preuss said:

    In the first round judges are so overwhelmed with the number of instruments that they just try to kick out instruments for the smallest reason to have time in the second round to focus on what they liked at first sight or hear. Just don't take it personal. 

    There are some instruments they get into the second round with 0-1-1. But in the score-sheet you find some where exact the „0“ judge give highest points then in the second round for the same Instrument. This is quite a bid strange to me.

  4. 6 hours ago, Nick Allen said:

    Cool. If only I had any social media accounts.

    But still cool. 

    Julian, do you know when the competitors will get their updated green number?

    Just got it by email. The VSA on Instagram is great include a short Videoclip with the Violin- Racecar by David Burgess. :D