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  1. 1 hour ago, Michael Szyper said:

    I am going to be there, unless the situation changes, which can happen pretty fast. 

     I cancel my Booth some weeks ago as many regular exhibitors did. I think this year we see more a local show with much lesser international exhibitors and visitors. 
    But I will go for a day or two.

  2. 10 hours ago, Michael Szyper said:

    BTW, was nice to meet you there last year!


    8 hours ago, Davide Sora said:


    It was a pleasure to meet you both, I look forward to seeing you soon.

    Was a pleasure for me too. Such a nice and funny time we had at the Via Mercatello outside with Wine and Food. Hope this come again.
    Happy Eastern to all!

    Michael: Say hi to your wife, and when all is over and the time allow, please come over to us. We are just a jump away.



  3. 19 hours ago, Michael_Molnar said:

    You won’t like what scientists predict. If they are just half-right, there will be no VSA.

    Dr. Dena Grayson is an expert.



    Not only VSA! I guess no Mondomusica in Cremona and China Music in Shanghai as well. I could be wrong but this all has also a strong influence in peoples mind even if all goes down quick.
    Many would be still worry to travel larger distance. What if I suddenly fell ill of Covid-19 in foreign countrys? (Yes anything can happen).
    And people will think twice now for what they spend money. The whole Violinbusiness will get hammered this year and probably the next as well.
    And as long as there is no vaccine for everyone around the world,  our lives and actions will be limited.

  4. I have contact to some makers in Cremona. So far i know nobody of them is infected right now. Happy are those who have their workshop at home. Some packed tools and materials in the last day before lockdown and work from their home. Others are very worry, sitting at home and can do nothing. Of course their are no dealers and customers in the city. Business seems to be down complete. 

  5. 50 minutes ago, lpr5184 said:

    Michael, of everyone here on this forum your work has always been the most inspirational to me. There are many others like Christian, Melvin, Neil and Conor to name only a few,...but it's your level of work I aspire but will never reach. What more can one say....it is, what it is.


    Thank you for your nice words. So I will posting allways from my work.