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  1. Luca Primon, unfortunally he past away 4 years ago. The decorated spanish Cello.
  2. I have been shipping my instruments internationally to different countries for a long time. Always with FedEx. Yes, I have a discount with FedEx, but I think with "Priority" it will cost around $ 600. Just call and ask for the prices. For shipping I never use a case but the special cardboard boxes from the "Hausberger" company. There was never been any damage.
  3. In contemporary Violin making there is nothing exist of "perfection" or "nicest". And it has nothing to do with the country either. Many things are a question of taste if it comes to "personality". You named 6 out of 180 today`s Cremonese makers. Well there are many more who make first Range Instruments even if they never get a medal hung around their necks.
  4. This CNC is not really Homade. But how many Scrolls you carve by your own Hand till all is set-up perfectly to compare?
  5. Amazing. Could it work for Cello too?
  6. I not understand this. Never had any of this problems. Weak glue joints are most a result of a bad joint not of a bad glue.
  7. I personal use the glue from company Schilbach. So far the best on the market. There are two kind available with different characteristics. Both are cleaned and have "Medicinestandart". Anything penetrates the Wood is nearly invisible. https://www.shop-schilbach.net/epages/79837849.sf/en_GB/?ViewObjectPath=%2FShops%2F79837849%2FProducts%2F810195 Specially purified Excellent adhesive properties Gel strength 60-120g Bloom Viscosity 1,80-2,70mPas PH* 5,00-6,00 Transmission** 620nm >=85%
  8. Or anybody tried ever this way? Just pressure some sec. with your thumps. It works when Bar fitted perfect and glue is in the right consistency. (Just the Video doesn´t work)
  9. Yes I tried. They are great too. The a-string is waved too like the "e" like with Amber-Set.
  10. Can only speak from my new Violins. I tried Rondo, but still Warchal Amber is on top.
  11. If we compare the arching contours between Sacconi (The secret of Stradivari) and Sergei Muratov (The Art of Violindesign), it is noticeable that with Muratov the contours of Violin, Viola and Cello increases faster from the edge than with Sacconi, where by both occupy almost the same height in the middle. On both, Top and Back. What is preferred? Advantages and disadvantages? http://zhurnal.lib.ru/m/muratow_s_w/violin_design.shtml
  12. Like here. By "Hausberger" Also for Cellos. Holding only by Endpin and Pegs.
  13. Some weeks ago it looks good to run Mondomusica in Cremona. But now the stuff changed their mind to cancel it finally.