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  1. In Mittenwald (30 miles away from me) no violin maker with this name is known around this year. Although it is a well-known Mittenwald name, there is no violin maker with the first name "Mathias". There is only one Anton Karner who was a teacher at the violin making school there. I would rather classify the maple as a Tibetan/Nepal species instead of Carpathian origin. In my opinion, this cello is more likely to come from China and not from Romania. The Label also has grammatical errors, which means that Germany has probably never seen the cello. (Matthias with double "t" as one example).
  2. That's not quite right. I knew Ottomar Hausmann personally through my father. (Karl Roy was my teacher at that time at the violin making school in Mittenwald) He built instruments of different quality (the cheaper ones, of course, with supplies from others. His instruments are often branded with an "OH". He also designed his own viola model.
  3. For me as a maker to buy or invest in an contemporary colleague? Giancarlo Guicciardi https://www.liuteria-guicciardi.it/ENG/page5/page12/index.html
  4. Of course you can use a del Gesu model and keep everything symmetrical. This is definitely not a mistake. Just like you have the choice between 12 Strad models. But yes the Messiah (Style) is the holy grail (unfortunately). If you decide to enter an Antique...different World. Remember Josef Kantuscher. Everything was fine created personality with high success lifelong.
  5. Exactly the answer I expected from you. I know so many who are happy with it, and these problems you describe are new to me. But there are supposed to have been bass bars that suddenly fall around inside for the same reasons.
  6. https://int.gewamusic.com/product/468/gueth-wolf-eliminator-cello-resonator.html
  7. Most Wood we seen on this sale both Maple and Spruce were bought in the 1980´s from former Wooddealer "Fuchs" in Mittenwald. The time where was enough Bosnian species still on the market. Today...hard to get. But 10k for a back or 2k for 4 Rips? No way. But some Wood wich has the outline drawing with a thick black edding-pen looks strong carpatian Mountains to me.
  8. https://adb963df-8225-4461-8d0d-cf0f69ea5755.filesusr.com/ugd/fdad7c_675ad58364f9468cbb7af280be98229f.pdf
  9. Looks like 31mm couldn't be wrong.
  10. Hello Davide! Thank you for your nice words here. Yes you are right with the F-holes. I have no Idea who was the judge who lower down the points on me and others. As an example "Level of woodworking technique" I got 8-9-9-9-6 (the last one give me furthermore 6-5-5) But for me I was not disappointed. More funny was to show the Jury my mistakes they overseen it all . And nobody has seen my Fingerboard was Corene instead of Ebony. Yes antiquing, an endless discussion. But well when customers orders.... I will not refuse it. A part of business (when i don´t do it, somebody else will do) and passion.
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