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  1. A quick cell phone shot during varnishing.
  2. Thank you for your nice words. So I will posting allways from my work.
  3. The Winner Violins the past three VSA competitions were all strong antiqued.
  4. There are some instruments they get into the second round with 0-1-1. But in the score-sheet you find some where exact the „0“ judge give highest points then in the second round for the same Instrument. This is quite a bid strange to me.
  5. Attached is the score for the Violin. Two of three workmanship-judges were in the opinion it is not for the second round where the Instruments get closer look and points. Just a quick view.... Good bye.
  6. Just got it by email. The VSA on Instagram is great include a short Videoclip with the Violin- Racecar by David Burgess.
  7. Yes I did. Attached the workmanship points i received at the VSA For tone it is a bid a lotterygame to ship it oversea in full set-up.
  8. I work actual on no. 139. I know the owner of 133 of them. Count since 1996 wich does mean about 10 Instruments per year. Never win any award but 2 year order list.