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  1. Very fine Instruments. Worked with Stefan-Peter Greiner. https://www.paschviolins.com/kopie-von-home
  2. Yes I do tape tones on Cellos.
  3. Sorry for my late answer. Well i don´t know where to find, but you can contact him. He works with his daughter Adele above the Lago Maggiore. (include the amazing view over the Lake. http://www.associazioneali.it/en/socien/sbernini-luca-65.html
  4. Where does the information come from it could be a Giuseppe Fiorini? Never heard of a Rieger-Fiorini collaboration.
  5. Please show a photo of the complete knife.
  6. I think with new Instruments it depends with the color of the varnish and choice of pegs. On brighter colors with Boxwood fittings i prefer to varnish the Pegbox in the same as the whole Instrument. Furthermore a question of a personal taste .
  7. Thank you for your nice words. So I will posting allways from my work.