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  1. https://cremonamusica.com/en/ I'm there as a visitor every three days
  2. I'm looking for the so-called "Berliner Sound Pin" for cello. Created with patent from Jacov Shidowezki in Germany. Unfortunately, the manufacturer passed away and there is currently no more production. If anyone has a used one and is selling it, or which store still has it in stock, please let me know.
  3. I will take some photos on the Weekend. Cello would be finish then.
  4. Thanks everyone for the info and discussion. I think I'll stick with my own creation of grounding. A week UV box, no addition of any nitrites or whatever. Followed by Oldwood refractive Ground and Eugen Holtiers Brown varnish as a second coat.
  5. Any of us who uses it? I find it a bid overpriced about $250 for 250ml water based. Or does anyone know what substances are inside?
  6. This rotary tool was from the company "Flex". Named "Flexmaschine" It had a stand that bolted to the workbench or was hung from the ceiling by a chain. It had a powerful but slow-running motor and was used for sanding jobs with a variety of different attachments. These include rollers for the handles or disc sanders. I still have an old original (about 80 years old). Have no use for it. Maybe someday for a museum.
  7. Write an email to Jan Spidlen of Prague. https://www.spidlen.com/cz-en/index.php?l=en
  8. You can use "Acematt" from Kremer Pigments. It works very well and need very little of it, and it scales well. This was recommended to me by Iris Carr as she uses it for her restoration varnish. https://shop.kremerpigments.com/us/shop/mediums-binders-glues/78900-acematt-hk-125.html
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