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  1. Hello Davide! Thank you for your nice words here. Yes you are right with the F-holes. I have no Idea who was the judge who lower down the points on me and others. As an example "Level of woodworking technique" I got 8-9-9-9-6 (the last one give me furthermore 6-5-5) But for me I was not disappointed. More funny was to show the Jury my mistakes they overseen it all . And nobody has seen my Fingerboard was Corene instead of Ebony. Yes antiquing, an endless discussion. But well when customers orders.... I will not refuse it. A part of business (when i don´t do it, somebody else will do) and passion.
  2. Thank you! No, nothing of disappointing. Murnau is the Bora-Bora of upper Bavaria haha....
  3. Try to get the photos from the Triennale on a file. Guess it will looks different as mine I took. The scroll template is just simple from a Strad Cello. (Not remember exactly). However…. Customer is happy thats the way.
  4. Long time i didn´t post anymore. But here it comes the Cello i have entered to the Triennale in Cremona. (No... not reach the final) (Tailpiece of course came up closer to Bridge after Photoshot. And.... the F-hole are a bid too straight. You all think so?
  5. Here another example of Strad Cello "Servais" from 1701. It looks like heavier stained and lesser poor-filled compare to others.
  6. And exiting the big difference to J.B. Vuillaume.
  7. I can`t copy here parts of the Book, but sure they did a great job. The examination methods are described in detail in the introduction. Bellow Daylight and Fluorescence from the Top of A. Strad. Cello "Bonamy Dobreè, Suggia" 1717.
  8. Yes for sure, or i come to visit you in your workshop. I am always amazed at the differences between Brandmair and the books of the Swiss Association of Violin Makers "Old Master Violins - Alte Meistergeigen", 7 Bände) which were published at the end of the 1970s. According to this, Stradivari did not stain the wood or colored it in any other way. The investigation always begins with "staining - none, pore filler - dull brown". When the wood is stained, it is always fluorescent extinguishing what we cannot see in the originals.
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