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  1. I sure will. Thank you. Take care and get your son well! Journ
  2. rainyann, Thanks for the words---in fact, it is going quite good considering! I've actually completed my treatments (chemo AND radiation) and they can not find any live cancer cells anymore! Yoohoo! But, they are keeping a close close eye on me now. . . I pray it doesn't come back. I haven't been on here posting because of my cancer, as I was in the hospital sick for almost the whole time. But, now I am back on and off, and I am already getting "addicted" again! Glad to hear that you are listening to the CD--- I'm in the process of producing a solo album and another band CD right now----Due to come out in May. I pray your son gets through this all right and with strength and determination and a smile. Fiddlefaddle, I've missed you and your words, too---as well as rainyann and everyone else. Love, Journ
  3. AshNaj, How cool is that! That is awesome. I live about 3 hours east of GR right now. Too bad you aren't going to Cornerstone as well----that would be neat to know someone when I go. Yes, I've been there to visit, and I loved it! Tabbicat: I've never been to the music camp--in fact I didn't even know they had one! I need to look into that now! I don't know yet who my violin teacher will be, but I do know that they are planning to build a music building---however, I don't think it is supposed to be completed for a couple years or so. Ah well. . . Lovin' music, Journey
  4. Yes, I am majoring in music (actually, I am double majoring in Biology as well), and I will be attending Cornerstone University here in Michigan. And, I will be living in the dorms ---- maybe or maybe not with a roommate. Thanks for all of the advice everyone! I appreciate it! Musically, Journey
  5. Rainyann, Hi!! My two cents is to try to get your son every opportunity (that he wants) that you can. I don't know about the PICC lines in the arm, but I had a port line leading to my heart a couple months ago----and even though it was uncomfortable at times, I still played (the port was right at the place under my left collarbone where my fiddle rests). They pretty much make things like PICC lines and ports "heavy-duty" for whatever they may encounter. My advice: talk to the doctor. Tell him what you are up against, and I am sure that he will say it is all right to play with it. But, other than that, it is really just how comfortable your son is playing with it in. I have been battling cancer this last year, and one thing that I have learned is to do all that you can (and WANT!) to do IN SPITE of whatever illness you may have. Things like orchestra, camp, and playing in general may be hard for your son, but if he wants to do it-----I say go for it with all that he has! Hopes this helps. Musically, Journey
  6. Hello everyone! Long time, eh? Well, I am heading to college this upcoming fall and I am a little worried about my practicing time. As it stands now, whenever I feel like practicing I just go to my room and practice---but in college, as you know, you have to go to the "practice rooms", hauling all that you need with you. As a college student (or previously as one), did you find that you didn't have the time to pick up everything and go to these rooms? I, of course, am going to keep practicing, but I am looking for any tips that you have that could make that whole process a little easier. Thanks a bunch. In love with music, Journey www.fireweedspirit.com
  7. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I need to get to school now, but I will check on everything later, alright? Thanks, Regina
  8. Soundboot: Thank you so much for your reply. I play in an acoustic Irish string band and the only drum we have is an Irish bodhran, so I don't have much competition concerning drums. I have heard of the Baggs pick-ups, as a friend uses one. I have also heard that the Fishman pick-ups and pre-amps are good----have you had any experience with these? Also, what kind of an amp would you need for a fiddle? Is there any special type, or just any amp? Thanks so very much, Regina
  9. Dear friends, I have just received a generous offer from my uncle that he will buy me an amp, pre-amp, and a pick-up for my fiddle---a sound system for my fiddle. He told me to tell him what I want and he will get it for me and to me. He said that price is no factor---to get the best and what I want. Thing is, I don't know what is out there and what is best. Any suggestions? I really need help to know what is the best thing to get for my fiddle. Thanks a bunch. Love, Regina www.firespirit.com
  10. Jane, Sounds wonderful! Thank you. I will have it shipped to you when your cheque arrives. Millie: Received your check last night, and your lovely letter. Thank you. Your CD is all packaged and ready to be put in the mailbox on my way out this morning. Take care, Regina/Journ
  11. Jane, How silly of me! I just assumed Euros, and forgot all about pounds. Well, anyways, I asked him about that, and he said that you can still send a check, but for 12 pounds to cover shipping costs and everything that he figured out. How about that? Does that work? I hope so. Take care, Journ/Regina
  12. Millie: Thank you. And also thank you for the warm wishes. May your Christmas be wonderful as well. Have fun in your travels! Take care, Regina
  13. Millie: That is the correct person and right address, and I can assure you that you can trust me. It won't have to clear the bank. What I do is that when a check comes to me, I send out a CD, even before the check clears, trusting that it will clear. Millie, I trust you, so you don't have to worry. I guarantee that you can trust me. I am just a 16 year old, trying to branch farther out into her music career by selling her CD's. Trying to fulfill a dream. . . Thank you for trusting me. That is very nice to know. As soon as your check comes in the mail, I will mail you a CD. Promise. Take care, Regina
  14. Jane, I talked to him and he said that if you just send a check for 18 Euros and make sure you send us your address, we can send you a copy. But, please make it payable to and send it to: K2 Recording 266 Hawthorne Ranch Rd. Prudenville, MI. USA, if you could, so it could be taken care of by that particular account. (That is our recording business, so the international money exchange can be better handled by them, rather than my personal address. . .). Thank you, Regina
  15. Jane: I just sent an inquiry about it to the manager. I don't know exactly how to go about that, but I think that he would know what to do. So, I sent him an e-mail and I should have an answer for you soon. Crystal: Actually, we just got a new website. It is www.fireweedspirit.com People can order CDs off of the website by sending the payment to the name and address listed there, or by sending it to my address listed above. As of right now, we don't have a means of ordering off of the internet, so we have to do it this way. But, either address is fine. j: The sound card in my computer is messed up, so at the moment, I can not post a sound clip. Once the sound card is fixed, I have to figure out how to do it. So, I don't have any. I am sorry, as I know people would like to hear it. Thanks everyone. Stay in the music, Regina
  16. Finally, after a long awaited time, my band and I's FIRST CD is finished! On Wednesday, December 4th, we were so excited to see the delivery of those many boxes on our porch steps. I know some of you have been inquiring about them, so I thought that I would make a post, as I have promised I would do. If you would like to purchase one, you may make checks payable to me (Regina Edgar) and send it to: Regina Edgar 4373 Schmidt Rd. Gladwin, MI. 48624 The cost is $17.00 ($15.00 for the CD with $2.00 shipping). My band and I are called FireWeed, and is primarily made up of a hammered dulcimer player, a guitarist/bouzouki player/ Irish banjo player/ do-it-all-man (he he), and me---the fiddler. We also have a couple of people accompanying us on the CD with instruments such as the bodhran. This is our Irish CD called, "Living the Tradition: Capturing the Celtic Spirit", and is even equipped with some photographs of us in Ireland. In the future, we hope to be producing a Christmas album as well as a gospel album soon. (Recording for those CDs starts probably after the holidays (or maybe during!). Anyways, I just wanted to let those know who I have promised. I am so excited about this. Everyone in my school is excited too, it seems. I had some CDs at school with me yesterday and everyone had all sorts of questions and they all thought it was cool. Who says music isn't fun, eh?? Thanks everyone. Loving the music, Regina / Journey
  17. Ha ha ha----do I ever daydream while I play. Sheesh, I daydream all of the time! Anyways, cool post. One time I remember playing for a concert opening for some country singer, and I did not want to be there. I was told that it was supposed to be a "packed" crowd, when in reality when I got there, it wasn't what I expected. Needless to say, I was in a sour mood. (I am ashamed of this now, but then I had felt cheated when I was promised such an "excellent" turn-out). So, anyways, the whole performance I just sat there thinking to myself, "I want to be home---I want to go home", and then I would have the occassional thought, "I wonder if I get to go out for ice cream after this. . ." Now, I wish I wouldn't have been in such a mood, but I still played and finished the concert. . . Another time I remember, I was playing with my band, and though I don't remember exactly what I was daydreaming about, I was suddenly startled out of my reverie by all band members shouting "Gina! GINA!!!! Pick up the pace!" in the middle of the tune. Apparently, due to the drifting of my mind, I had slowed the tune down to a laughable pace. . . We all had a good chuckle out of that one---still do, in fact. But, usually, my daydreaming doesn't affect my playing so drastically. (honest!) That was just one time. . . Yeah, I guess it is pretty common to daydream while playing, eh? I'm glad that I am not alone. Keep the music (and the daydreams) going, Regina
  18. Thanks for the replies everyone. Last night I e-mailed Pirastro and Thomastik Infield to see if they would send me a set. How awesome that string companies do such a thing. In the music, Regina
  19. Okay, so I admit it, I want to try some new strings, but I am too cheap to buy different sets to try them out. *blush blush* So, do string companies have some type of program where you can try out their strings for free? Is there such a thing? I know it is a long shot, but we all know how strings vary and how expensive they can be. . . Thanks. In the music, Regina
  20. I was wondering if any fiddlers here have gone to college to study music. If so, was it hard for you? I have been thinking of it (still undecided), and I have nine years of classical violin background, but if I choose to go that route, would it be hard? What was it like? Thanks to anyone who can be of any assistance. Much obliged, Regina
  21. Yes, I do play another instrument. Like you, sunnybear, I want to play them all. . . If only, eh? Anyways, I play the fiddle (my main instrument), Irish whistle(s), guitar, and some hammered dulcimer, and I dabble at the Irish banjo and Irish bouzouki. Music is awesome. Stay in the tunes, Regina
  22. Journey


    Thank you everyone. It soudns like the Martin is a good bow. I will have to look into it. Steve, you talk about a silver bow----am I correct to assume that it has a silver-looking stick instead of wood? Thanks everyone. Happy playing! Regina
  23. Journey


    Hello everyone. I have been wondering about upgrading my bow. I would like a pretty good bow, but something that isn't really expensive. What kind would you guys suggest? Thank you, Regina
  24. I was just looking for some good suggestions for music colleges. Also, does anyone know of some music colleges that have programs in Irish music? I know of Boston and colleges in Ireland, but are there any others? Thanks. In the music, Regina www.fireweedmusic.homestead.com
  25. Hi simon! How are you doing? This is all so confusing to me. Do you ever feel like you have no clue what to do? This is the case for me and my search for what to do with college and my life. I love music, but it would be hard to get a job JUST music. I also love to write, but again, writing is one of those things where sometimes it is hard to get a full-time job in. I also am very much intrigued by autism. I have been thinking lately, of having a double major and a minor with those three things. But, I don't know. I wish it were easier, you know. I wish I knew what I was doing! I guess it will come to me someday, though. Right now, I have been getting so stressed lately with the ton of school work I have (many late nights), the CD, performing and doing gigs, trying to find a part-time job for after school (besides the times that I do gigs!), designing the CD cover/booklet whatever, then find time in there to practice----not alone try to relax once in a while! I'm too young for this much stress. . . LOL! Well, the CD----we are shooting for it to be done in December. That is part of the reason I am working on it so hard. We have a few tunes to re-record, and one tune to add, and we finish the designing/artwork. It is coming, but I am trying to get the designing done and it is stressful sometimes. . . About the MP3's, I honestly have no idea how to do those. Right now, my sound card doesn't work in my computer, and my father won't fix it, so I really can't do a whole bunch with sound. Ah well. . .maybe someday. . . Thanks, Journey
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