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  1. I want her old website/journal back.
  2. Hahn's new release: http://www.towerrecords.com/product.aspx?pfid=2881583 http://www.deutschegrammophon.com/special/...violinconcertos
  3. "Anyway, back to important matters - how AM I going to survive without SClub7??????" S Club Juniors!
  4. Is there a piano equivalent of Flesch's The Art of Violin Playing or Galamian's Principals of Violin Playing and Teaching?
  5. By the end of the first year I had a decent, if uneven, vibrato. I was competent in third position in most keys. My bow arm produced good sound, though bow changes were rough and I had little dynamic control. I'd put practice time into some basic bowing techniques as they became needed in the music I was playing. And I had started work on what I felt was my first piece of 'real' music, the Handel D Major Sonata.
  6. I prefer Heifetz thoroughly enough in Sibelius that I rarely listen to any other recording, although I have many.
  7. 'Last Night of the Proms', from the 2000 proms, used to fit in this category, but was released in the US about a month ago. The main attraction for this board would be Hilary Hahn's perfomance of the 4th Mozart Concerto, plus encore; I vaguely remember the encore being the Presto from Bach Sonata no 1, but it's been a while since i've seen it. It was availible only in the UK for the longest time.
  8. Parasha's Aria by Stravinsky, maybe? Also known as Russian Maiden's Song, or just Parasha's Song. You hear it in recitals on occasion. I can't comment on the challenge it poses, having never played it. But I don't remember it sounding especially difficult. At least not technically.
  9. It's a misprint. Rabin plays the Kreisler pieces.
  10. Same. My current, first, and only teacher studied and taught under Brodsky.
  11. Bose are notorious in the audiophile circuit for finding novel concepts with little to no practical use; "cube" speakers or the magical, mystical Wave Radio. They then use their marketing muscle to turn those products into commercial hits. They get their inventory on store shelves, and their name on tv. The products themselves are often marginal for the price. Meanwhile - high quality, low hype companies like Paradigm and other, similar, dark horses quietly make reasonably priced quality products that the non-attentive public never hear about. That's the insider line, at least. Whether it's true of Bose or not, I wouldn't know. Having never owned anything Bose, I don't speak from personal experience. [This message has been edited by plateau (edited 01-27-2002).]
  12. Somewhat related question: Has Hahn's succesful use of a Vuillaume on the concert stage at all affected the perception of his instruments or their sale prices?
  13. http://www.warnerclassics.com/nvcarts/fv/a...lin/violin1.htm http://www.michaeldvd.com.au/Reviews/Revie...sp?ReviewID=143 [This message has been edited by plateau (edited 11-25-2001).]
  14. If it is occurring right as you approach the balance point of the bow it is most likely resultant from applying too much pressure too abruptly. It's very easy to botch the transition from using weight for sound at the frog, to using pressure for sound at the tip. The balance point is by nature a very "springy" area and is especially sensitive to vertical pressure. If that's the problem, your bowing will likely be be steadier on upbows and more unstable on downbows; because the distance from tip to balance point is greater than from frog to balance point. That increased area allows you more room to transition the tensions you place on the stick. Bow very slowly, making sure to not let the bow bounce, and gradually speed up. When the bow begins to oscillate, try to be conscious of the pressures you're applying and smooth them. [This message has been edited by plateau (edited 11-05-2001).]
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