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  1. Synths that sound like gut huh, can I get them for my guitar? How much a set? How do they sound through a piezo?
  2. As a mandolin and gutiar player I can tell you vibrato + trem doesn't work out. I didn't know you guys even did trem, I thought it was just something we did to immitate violins.
  3. I'm very sorry Highstrung, you quoted a post that I mistakenly attributed to you, I apologize profusely. Cedar is the villain, but I am the fool.
  4. That's not true of Armstrong, he was an excelent reader and could sight sing.
  5. High Strung do you force your child to spend an hour a day on writting, acting, dance, drawing and scultpture, six hours total? You think music is more important because your a musician, but it's not more significant than any other art. Old school parenting, my ***, you're just foolish and narrow minded. My parents forced me to pratice my god forsaken French Horn and it took me seven years to find music again(guitar and mandolin). [This message has been edited by V.Mage (edited 09-07-2001).]
  6. A piano is a lot more expensive than a violin. You should get her a classical guitar though.
  7. No my meaning was quite the opposite, I am a big Pink Floyd fan!
  8. I have two responses to this thread Dark Side of the Moon Wish You Were Here
  9. Guys if we took away the work of the British, the Germans, the Russians, the Spanish and the African Americans there would be no good music left to listen to. Those five ethnic groups make up a very comparatively small percentage of the Earth's population yet absolutely dominate music. Maybe it has to be in the blood. **** my French Portuguese Americaness.
  10. I would go see Louis Armstrong and Bach. Satch could teach Bach to swing and Bach could teach Pops hmm, well nothing Armstrong is god. Improvisations on the Chaconne, transcribed to trumpet and harpsichord :-)
  11. A great artist verses a hack, like the Louis Armstrong and Duke Elington Cd I'm listening to right now.
  12. The society for random and outlandish genorosity awards you any ten instruments, they can not be resold. What do you choose? Gibson 1923 Loar F5 Mandolin Martin 1938 D28 Herringbone Guitar Turn of the century Ramierz Classical Guitar given to Andres Segovia by Senor Ramierz 1959 Gibson Gold Top Les Paul 1918 Gibson K4 Mandocello 1924 Gibson K5 Mandocello retrofitted with electronics 1915 Gibson Type 0 Guitar (Not very functional, but they look so cool) Del Gesu Violin Stradavari Cello What ever the best double bass is (;-) Dam-n didn't get a banjo or a zook
  13. You guys don't think theirs a little truth to playing fast just to impress. The easiest challenge for a nonplayer to understand is the ability to play really fast. On the other hand, tenths or playing past 12th position wouldn't mean much to the average person. Is there really any artistic validity to playing a simple tune at 250 bmp? How can you convey feeling at 250bmp?
  14. Funny, I was just about to say Segovia's Bach's Chaconne as a classical guitarist. But even more so for the violin, Bach's chaconne kicks *** and takes names. It's the ****, no question.
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