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  1. Anyone been to Aspen? Need advice on housing. Any information or recommendations for the Burlingam and Highlands facilites, Holland House or the Marolt Ranch. Any other suggestions/options? Thanks for any help.
  2. How much are is the 750 model?
  3. Anyone studied with either one at Aspen? Just wondering what you could tell me as far as their reputation/teaching. Also what can you tell me about the Aspen Music Festival in general? Thanks
  4. I don't think that's the point. I think what so people like myself are saying is if you take your $75000 sports car to an expert to get the best care, then why shouldn't I be able to take my $7500 car and get the same service. People are saying they don't get the same service even at the expert's shop.
  5. How much does the 750 and 850 model sell for?
  6. Don't know but I'll ask. I guess my point is if the labor is the same to cut a bridge, not being a luthier myself-I was wondering why it would be more expensive for a $1 million instrument compared to a $10,000 one or $1000 for that matter. Does the price of the instrument dictate the amount charged? I don't know I'm only asking myself. If they are doing the best job they can for that strad why can't they do the same for you-and help you optimize your instrument?
  7. A luthier in my area charges $75 to cut a new bridge college student or strad. They say that the labor required is the same for each and they use the best blanks (why wouldn't you if the labor is the same and the bridge prices comparable?). Different shops/luthiers charge what the market will bear. Just like the price of fiddles- supply & demand in a free market. If you can get $500 for a new bridge more power to you! You can only get what someone is willing to pay, if it's too much you won't get the business.
  8. Is there just one Lamberti model or more than one? Just to compare anyone know which Scott Cao model they would be most comparable or most similar to? Just wondering since I have seen the Cao models but not the Lamberti. They are both chinese are they not?
  9. I have found in the price range of his various models you get the most for your money. Compared to others violins for the same price, I have found time and time again that the Cao violins are the best buy, best built and best sounding instruments. Has anyone found any others for the same price that are more favorable in any of these areas?
  10. I use it occasionally and think it works well. It does really work that pinkie though! It shows you how much weaker that finger is compared to the rest- [This message has been edited by Bert (edited 03-11-2002).]
  11. What is that metal ornament(usually circular and gold in color) you sometimes see on violin tailpieces? Does it affect the sound of the instrument with the added weight? I haven't seen those type of tailpieces offered in most violin accessory catalogues. Any help? Thanks
  12. I have noticed that a fair number of instruments and bows are not set up i.e. strings/bowhair at auctions. Is this done specifically by the seller so they may not be played? Just wondering if this was common at auctions. I know for instance that the Tarisio Auctions have a preview period where instruments/bows may be tried/played. Why then are all items not setup then so potential buyers may try them-or perhaps this would disclose a reason not to buy?Just wondering. Any comments anyone?
  13. How much does B & F want for the one you looked at?
  14. Thank you for your response. Any preference for ebony, boxwood, or rosewood? And if so why? Thanks
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