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  1. Does any one know which violin in existence has the most value? Just another question form a student of mine, I didn't know how to answer. Joe
  2. : I don't have a violin with an old man's head on it but I have started working on a violin with an owl's head on it. Let me know if you're interested. I might know some one interested in it if R. Campbell isn't. E-mail me with a detailed description of the violin. Joe
  3. A student of mine is looking to buy a very nice and expensive violin and he asked me a very good question today. Are there any financial companies that specialize in financing string instruments? I didn't know how to answer, so I told him I'd ask the experts on Maestronet. Please let me know if there are. Thanks Joe
  4. I have a very interesting violin by this maker that was made in October of 1983 and was wondering if any one knows about his work. It has some very interesting details, instead of a normal ebony nut, the strings rest on four little wheels(one for each string). They are intergrated into a rose wood fingerboard. When the strings are tuned the string rolls on these wheels instead of rubbing as on a normal nut. Also the all the corners are some what rounded and sloped but all consistant. It is a beautiful violin made with precision details and the asking price is $12,000.00. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joe
  5. : Has anyone tried D'Addario's new Xyex strings? I : tried Helicore and liked them a lot for about three : months then went back to Dominants, but someone said : the Xyex strings are supposed to be good. What's : your experience? How do they compare with Helicore : and with Dominants? : Thanks for any and all comments. Bruce, I've tried the Zyex strings on two of my violins. They worked really well on one but not so good on the other. Overall they are a very well constructed string and are very stable as they claim. The only tension I've tried are the medium gauge and compared to the Dominants, they are really powerfull and responsive. Compared to the Helicore,..... well there is a big difference. I've tried the helicore and they just didn't produce the sound that I like on either of my violins. The final out come of the string will depend on your violin and playing style. I would definately recomend trying them. I bought a set for about $26.00. Good luck!! Joe
  6. Glen,.... I tried one of those violins with Peter Zarets bass bar about four months ago. I called him and he sent me one on approval, he'll do the same for any one. I was a german copy of a strad. By looking at this bass bar, you're probably going to freak out. Looking through the bass side F-hole, it looks like a massive piece of wood, it hangs low and looks rectangular. But when viewed through the end button, you can see that it is only "massive" in the center and also has a real odd shape to it from all angles. Not your usual shaped bass bar. Kinda hard to explain in words. It was a very nice sounding violin, loud under the chin but not as loud as I expected when some one else would play it. It did seem to have a rich sound and very even, but a bit dark sounding. The best thing would be to give him a call and discuss it whith him. I know he also quoted me a price of $1,000.00 to install one in any ones own violin. The violin he send me was priced at $3,000.00. Hope this helps. Joe
  7. : http://www.ifshinviolins.com/news2.htm : Ifshin Violins (Berkeley, California) has had this information comparing a number of strings : on line for some months - before Zyex strings came out - so Zyex is not included. : Zyex violin strings (my first set was from Ifshin) seem to be to be generally quite bright : and very powerful. I have found it difficult to get the : medium-tension Zyex to play on some of my violins (not all), (the heavy-tension D that Southwest sent : me by mistake was pretty impossible) but on those violins that can't take the medium, the light-tension strings do very well, : a little brighter and more powerful than medium-tension Tonicas but : with a little less sense of the strong overtones (which I happen to like-the overtones that is). I don't know how : Zyex will hold up physically - but it is advertised as a "space-age synthetic fiber". The A and D stretch for a while, the G stretches : in faster (I finally removed my "grandfather" Olive G to try the Zyex. : I guess I like the Olive better (it's all that was left of the set), : but I'm not ready to put it on again yet. : Andy Andrew, I have tried the Zyex medium tension strings and I agree with you on the power and bright ness. On my violin they responded pretty well but they are a bit thick (gauge), so I imagine on some violins that they would respond kind of sluggish. I've had the Zyex on for about two months now and I play regularly (20-25 hours a week) They have held up pretty well considering I usually change strings every 6-8 weeks. Joe
  8. : Hello, all! : Can I get lists of all the composite bows (from Glasser to Spiccato), their prices, and comparability to wooden bows? I would appreciate professional opinions on each. Thank you. : Daniel Medina : Icepick4@Juno.com Daniel, I bought a Coda Bow about a year ago and paid $675.00 for it. (I think there a little more now) I think it is an excellent bow! As I once said before,....." I wouldn't say that it is better than a good pernambuco bow, but it's pretty darn close." The frog could of been fit just a little tighter to the stick but it's not badly fit. I'm able to play fast passages with ease, and get a very powerful sound from it compared to most wooden bows. Excellent response too. Hope this helps. Joe
  9. I have a violin that I have been playing on for about five years, (I know the sound of it very well) with the same chin rest, which is an ebony over the tail peice strad style. I recently changed to a small ebony chinrest which clamps on the left side of the tail peice and noticed a BIG difference in volume and tone. It now has a larger sound and is louder (under the chin anyway) than it ever has been. Do you think that this type of chin rest is better for sound, or is it just my imagination, or maybe it is just the way I'm hearing the violin because of the size of the other chin reast being quite larger that this new one? I would like to hear any comments on this subject. Thank you, Joseph
  10. : I have heard directly from the owner of Viva La Musica Shoulder Rests that they have made an improvemnt. They have changed the legs/ leg brackets to make them more height adjustable- this model should be available soon. : Daniel Medina : Icepick4@juno.com I can confirm this,... they also contacted me via e-mail after reading my postings on Maestronet. Should work well for those needing a higher shoulder rest.
  11. I've tried the Zyex medium gauge on my violin. They are pretty good as far as response, tone, and stability, but they are a little hard (tension wise). I was able to get a great powerful yet rich sound. I don't know the long term effect because I've only had them on for about 4 weeks. I think they beat the Helicore and the Dominants. I don't care for either of those two brands on any of my 3 violins. I would recomend giving them a try, but I don't think that a viola set is available yet. Good luck! Joseph
  12. : What is the theory about the removal of wood on a bridge's kidney and heart regions? : Thanks in advance! : Daniel Medina : Icepick4@juno.com I'm not to sure as to the theory, but I know that on my violins, opening the heart and especially the kidneys, freed up the sound quite a bit. I beleive that it allows the rocking motion of the bridge to increase, therefore letting off more vibration from the strings to the top plate. Too much removal would possibly result in a thin sound and a very weak bridge. Any others have opinions on this subject? Joseph
  13. : Mr. Medina, : : Thanks for the description. I've been following this discussion and haven't been able to find a description or picture of the viva la musica anywhere. I have a Kun and a Wolf forte, I'm not totally comfortable with either. Is this viva la musica adjustable for height at all? I always feel kind of scrunched over when I play, and my neck starts to ache after a while. Could anything other than height be involved here? : Thanks, Mary K Mary, The Viva La Musica is adjustable like the Kun, with the screw on legs, but they are not much higher than the Kun. You may take a close look on how you are holding the violin on your shoulder if you can not get enough height from the shoulder rest. Try holding the violin a little further up on the shoulder, this will shorten the distance from your chin to the chin rest. My instructor showed me that years ago and I have not had that problem since. Joseph
  14. I was wondering if any one knows of a violin shop or maker that would just consider trading one violin for another. I would like to trade in a violin with an written appraisal of $5000 for a violin of equal value. I just don't like the tone and over all sound of this one any more. Thanks
  15. Anrew, Thank you for the detailed answer. You are right about my quest for searching for the ultimate sound. I have literally tried just about every string and gauge out on the market on several of my violins and have yet to find the perfect complete set. My violins are not the most expensive violins but are all excellent instruments ranging from $1,500 - to - $6,000. They all respond differently to all types of strings but I have managed to find a set for each one of them that sounds pretty good. I have tried the Tonicas and was not really impressed with the long term of those strings. I currently prefer the Synoxas over the Tonicas. I also have installed a set of the new Zyex (med.) strings on my favorite violin and like them very much. Although they are much stiffer than the Synoxas, they definately have more power and response. My favorite E string is the Dogal (stark). I prefer a thick E on all my violins. I never use any steel A,D,G strings. Just Gut and Synthetics. Any way you did clear up my question on rigid strings and even though I have played on them both, I didn't seem to find much of a difference between rigid and non rigid in the sound or response. That is the reason I asked the question. The Olive strings are excellent on one of my violins, but they just don't last for the price you pay for them. Thanks again Andrew. Joseph
  16. Jeffrey, The top of the violin is not cracked just the bass bar itself. I don't know if it can be repaired or if it has to be replaced but the top is fine. The maker is Wladek Stopka and I have had no luck locating him. If you know where he might be working now please let me know. He worked in Albuquerque, NM in 1990 when the violin was made which is where I am, then shortly after that, he moved ( I think to Chicago) but I'm not sure. Thanks for the info. Joe
  17. Has any one out there played a violin that has had one of these bass bars installed? I would like to hear your feed back. Thank you, Joe
  18. I have a violin that needs to have the top removed to repair a cracked bass bar. I'm wondering how critical of a repair this is and am very concerned about how the finish will look around the edge after this is done. It is a new violin (1990). This violin is very beautiful and the varnish is in perfect condition. Can some one who knows about these types of repairs please help me understand the risks before I have the work done. Any references of an expert repair person would also be greatly appreciated. Thank You Joe
  19. I have a violin worth $5,500 with a written appraisal and was wondering if any one knows of a reputalble shop where I could list this instrument on consigment. Thank you in advance. Joe
  20. : I installed a set of D'Addario's new "Zyex" strings for : violin a couple of days ago and am enormously pleased : with the result. They feel and sound much better than : any perlon-core string I've ever tried. I'd be interested : to hear the appraisal of anyone else who has tried them. I also installed a set of medium gauge a week ago and found them to be excellent so far! They have great response, and projection, and are very stable once you play on them for a few days. I strongly recomend them to any one interested in trying them out. They are just a little stiffer than the Pirastro Synoxas that I'm use to, but I guess that's why they also have more power. I don't know yet how long they will last me compared to other types strings, but I will soon find out. Joe
  21. I was told by a friend of mine who heard from a dealer that Pirastro Synoxa violin strings were going to be dicontinued. They happen to be the string of my choice and was wondering if any one else had heard this. I would like to know if this is true so I may stock up for a while. Does any one know of any strings that may be comperable to the Synoxas in sound, quality, and price? Thanks Joe
  22. Tom, I purchased this video set about eight months ago. I found it to be really interesting however, I think that the quality of the sound and some of the taping is not professional enough for the price you pay, although there is quite a bit to be learned from these videos for some one like me who is just starting out. It shows a lot of technique and also covers major steps in making the violin, but not everything is in fine detail. You may still have questions after watching the videos. I also purchased a book by Henry A. Strobel titled "Violin Making Step by Step". This book is inexpensive and covers a great deal of details along with illustrations. If you need more info, e-mail me at JSanti7445@aol.com, and I'll be glad to help you out. Good luck Joe
  23. : I'm trying to find out who made the violin I have.There : is not a name tag inside, but if I look through the "f" : holes I can see three small diamond shaped wood pieces : going lengthwise. They look similar to this "<>". There : is one in the center one close to the top and another : close to the bottom of the inside back of the fiddle. : Does anyone know who the maker could be? Thanks!!! : Jessica, I hope I'm wrong, but those wood pieces could be the re-enforcing ribs for a repaired crack on the back of the violin, or for the joint of a two piece back. ??????? Take a closer look. Good luck! Joe
  24. : How did nou get your copy of Strings so fast? I live one mile from their office in San Anselmo, and I haven't seen mine yet. I don't know, it was mailed to me a week ago and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Puzzeling huh?
  25. Another ad I saw in Strings Magazine (page-83), shows these bows. Any one know what they sell for or how they perform? Any feed back on them would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Joe
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