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  1. I just received the latest issue of Strings Magazine and saw an ad (page-113) for these new "Zyex" strings, but it didn't have any detailed information. They are not Stell, Gut, nor Perlon, but some new aerospace technoligy composite fiber core that is not affected by temperature, humidity, or sunshine. Has any one tried these strings?... or does any one heard any feed back on them? Thanks, Joe
  2. Has any one out there tried these strings? If you have any feed back on them, I would greatly appreciate your comments. I think I've tried most every brand of strings, besides Corelli (Alliance or Crystal) Thanks Joe
  3. I recently bought a violin from a 80 year old man who played for most of his life and he never knew who the maker was. This violin has no label nor does it have any thing stamped inside or out. The craftsmenship and the quality of the wood is excellent. One piece back, very well flamed, with matching ribs, neck, and scroll. The varnish is in pretty good condition considering how much the old man played, and it is kind of a golden brown color. Single purfling (clean), rose wood fitting( some what newer), and a higher than normal arched top. Not a single repair or crack that I could see. It is really a great sounding and looking violin. What might I look for to indicate the origin of the violin or possibly the maker. I'm not concerned with the dollar value because the sentimental value means more to me , but more so the history of the violin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. : Can anyone tell me if there is any way I can convert my : acoustic violin to electric without ruinging it? I've : herad that I would have to drill holes and totally ruin : my violin in order to achieve this! Also, does anyone : know the procedure? Any information is greatly : appreciated :-) : Thanx! : Rick I use a Fishmen pick-up and it works great. They cost about $100 and very little bridge work has to be done to your existing bridge. The violin body itself is never even touched! Good luck
  5. I am a luthier and have cut a few bridges for violins but I still don't know what the correct string height for perlon strings above the fingerboard. I have found many books that refer to gut strings and steel strings but none of them mention synthetic. Does any one know what the correct height for perlon strings are on a violin (classical set-up), or would they be the same as gut?
  6. I recently bought a violin from a guitar shop in Santa Fe, NM. The owner has no knowledge of violins what so ever and sold it to me for $250, althought I know it is worth more than that. The lable reads " Fracois Barzoni a Chateau Thierry". There is no date on the lable. It is not very old but it has a very nice rich and broad tone to it, the maple back and sides are beautifully flamed and has a med. brown varnish on it. Does any one out there know any thing about this maker or his instruments as far as quality, reputation, and value? Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joseph
  7. I suggest calling Robertson's Violin Shop in Albuquerque. Tell them you are interested in trying a "Gunter Van Aue", they will send one to you for a trial period of one week. These violins are $1500, hand made look great and the tone is very powerful and rich. Robertson's has a toll free # (1-800-284-6546). Call them, I know you'll like these violins. Good luck!
  8. For a while now, I've seen this ad in Strings magazine for the "Perfect Post". Has any one out there tried this sound post or does any one have an opinion on the effects it has, or may have on a violin? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. You may want to try using a thinner gauge "G". Dominant makes "weich" (light), "mittel" (medium), and "Stark" (heavy) in all the strings. I known this problem to occur occasionally on one of my violins. When a string is too thick it looses its responsiveness. Good Luck!
  10. I have a $4,000 violin wich was made for me in 1992. When I bought it, it seemed to have a more rich tone to it and over the years I've noticed that it has lost some of its depth and the overall sound has become some what smaller. I had a new bridge put on last year and the strings (Dominants) are farely new. Is there anything I can do to improve the tone on it? Any response will be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  11. I know this might sound crazy, but I had the same problen 14 years ago when I started playing and no shoulder rest seemed to be high enough, then I found out by my instructor that I was just holding my violin wrong (too low, on the shoulder). I'm not saying that you are holding it wrong, but try holding it higher up on the shoulder. You'll see how any shoulder rest will feel right (with the right adjustment). I currently use a "Viva La Musica" they are wooden, with gold plated feet, and a foam backing. They are really decorated but they feel comperable to the "KUN". You can purchase one through International Violin Co. Good Luck!
  12. Sara,.. I use a program called "Music Time Deluxe". I bought it at Egghead Software for about $60 on CD ROM and It is great! Simple to use and understand, you can play back your compositions and even assign different MIDI sounds for each insrtument. It's great for charting music, however if you need to record directly into your computer, I suggest Finale, or Cake Walk. BYE!
  13. I also must say that I was sceptical in trying the Coda Bow but I've had mine for one year and I wouldn't say that it handles better than a good quality wood bow, but it's pretty darn close! You have nothing to loose in trying it. You might be surprised!
  14. I am currently gathering information on contemporary makers. I want to buy a new violin and I would like some information on you instruments. My price range is between $5,000-$7,000. If you are interested in sending me information about yourself and your instruments it would be greatly appreciated. Please send E-mail to "JSanti7445@aol.com". I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You!
  15. Does any one know where Mr. Wladek Stopka (violin maker) is working? I have a violin made by him in (1990 Chicago IL.) that I just love and I'm interested in contacting him to purchase another. If any one knows where I can either contact him, or a dealer that sells his instruments, can you please contact me by E-mail (JSanti7445@aol.com) or post a RE: message? Also, does any one know the current value of his violns? Thak You!
  16. I've tried just about every string on the market and let me tell you that, what works for one violin will not neccessarily work for another. I think that Dominants are geat strings but not always the best choice depending on style, and preferance of sound. If you like the sound of perlon strings I suggest trying others as well. Pirastro makes the Syonxa, Tonica, and Aricore, which are all good sounding and lasting perlon strings. Perlon is quite a bit more stable in various climates that gut, however, gut definately has the "TONE" prize. They just don't last and they are very expensive. Piratsro Olive, and Eudoxa's work the best for me. Steel strings are also stable, affordable (some), and are not affected by climate conditions, but in my opinion, have no tone, especially on the lower register. GOOD LUCK!
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