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  1. Could you explain what that term means, thanks.
  2. Actually, when I first looked at this item I thought it looked way too clean, as if it had been refinished?
  3. so for playing whalebone (or synth wb) is preferable to silver wrapping?
  4. When looking at any bow how does one determine how good the pernambuco is? I'm assuming that when Peccate made a bow he first selected the best piece of pernambuco he could find? How can a bowmaker tell before the bow is finished?
  5. Have always wondered about this, but obviously pernambuco bows come in a rather large price range, what makes one piece of pernambuco better than another? Can I tell by looking? Can a good bow have mediocre pernambuco?
  6. This was an act that I think played around NYC in the 40's? Does anyone have any further info?
  7. Are you talking about still living? If not, Grapelli will always be the master.
  8. Checked the Behary site and noticed he has silver mounted Scott Cao bows for $400? Has any one tried these?
  9. vathek


    looks awfully Germanic to me.
  10. Emerson, Lake & Palmer did an almost direct cover of the 'head' of Janacek's Symphonia and also lifted something from Brahms 4th
  11. I've seen some bows on ebay with certificates from the above, yet I can find nothing on him, so does anyone have any info, after all, a certificate can be from anybody with whatever qualifications. Also would like to hear comments from people who have bought fiddles/bows on ebay. satisified?
  12. I have a 1907 Guarneri Curatoli which I took to a very reputable repair man who told me it was very high quality German work, probably Saxony. They are supposed to be very nice instruments, although somewhat mislabeled.
  13. Have read with interest discussions of Curotoli violins. I own a Guarnerius copy dated 1907 and #'s 2217. The label also states "made in Italy". Are any of the others so labeled? It appears to be a very nice instrument, although I have yet to have it repaired.
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