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  1. An Art Deco screen by Paul Feher, Rose Iron Works, Cleveland.
  2. Also a Joseph Gutteridge on wikipedia listed as a silk weaver at an appropriate date in Coventry: Joseph Gutteridge (23 March 1816 - 4 November 1899) was an English silk weaver and naturalist.[1] Gutteridge became an atheist after attending debates at the Coventry Mutual Improvement Society, and became an Owenite socialist.[1] After participating in the strike of 1860-61 in the aftermath of the Cobden–Chevalier Treaty, he acquired "firm Liberal views".[1] Despite being ruined by the Treaty, he was "dogmatically committed to free trade as the poor man's best hope".[2] In 1893 his autobiography Lights and Shadows in the Life of an Artisan was published, which was drawn from his diary. It "remains an impressive source for the history of the silk industry, working-class life, and urban development during the industrial revolution".[1]William Ewart Gladstone received a copy and it gained favourable reviews. Gutteridge received a gift from the Royal Bounty Fund and an annuity from friends.[1]
  3. I've ordered Warchals from Quinn Violins, reasonably priced and fast shipping.
  4. I would bet that the music school cleaned the safe out and left it due weight etc. It's empty.
  5. Is the plaque on back brass or silver?
  6. Glebert: I was wondering that too.
  7. The ads have really settled down since they started. I use firefox.
  8. My guess would be they where held at the chest rather than chin.
  9. One violin of mine strings seem lower at end of fb the other higher.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ORSELLI-ENRICO-4-4-VINTAGE-VIOLIN-ETTORE-SOFFRITTI-/143411398587?nma=true&si=y9lzdY5lGeNAOyS2HHCwt6qxydg%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  11. Two ads I saw today were for women's clothing and removing house mold. Since I am not a cross dresser nor have a moldy home there is no relevance or association here. What I think we all should be wary of is becoming 'used to' these further intrusions. I do realize bills need to be paid so it may be a question of balance.
  12. I don't like them and find them distracting. Ads have become ubiquitous no matter where you go on the internet. Even facebook videos stop after 10-15" to insert an ad. It's overkill. Like your island retreat has been invaded by hyenas.
  13. The pink ink probably started as red and has oxidized
  14. The scroll fluting looks like it goes to the end.
  15. I was happy to find my N W House Ann Arbor violin listed in Wenberg, but again it would be helpful to have a source.
  16. I'd think that would be very difficult to track down, but we'll see.
  17. Wasn't that the episode where Yoo had his violin sound post fixed (in Cremona?) and they all agreed no one could build a great instrument anymore?
  18. Ken_N thanks for the reply
  19. Could someone explain this a little further?
  20. I thought this was interesting, with Scott Yoo.https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=great+performances+bach's+music
  21. If Bohemian shouldn't the blacks on the purfling be wider, and there's no delta on the scroll, plus the eye of the scroll is flat, not domed?
  22. Given the amount of work done on this violin someone(s) must have thought very highly of it.
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