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  1. Isn't it a bit like religion? The masses want to be told what to do and who to believe, so Strad has become like the god everyone is supposed to believe in. I think it can also be called market manipulation.
  2. vathek

    Anyone recognise this stamp ?

    Hmmm, I was going to with Harry Potter
  3. vathek

    No f holes??

    Maybe someone who hates f holes had them in-painted
  4. I would still say my favorite work of Bach's is the Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor in which he builds an amazing and complex musical structure from just the opening theme in the bass. It's also a triple fugue.
  5. vathek

    Thoughts on this interesting violin? n

    What's the word under Roberts at the neck heel
  6. vathek

    Warchal 'Timbre' Strings

    I ordered a set during their sale but haven't put them on yet, but I think their strings are great. I had a set of dominants put on a violin that I had a setup done on (shop had very limited and high priced options) and really don't like them. My only problem with Warchal is that they send the strings so I have to sign for them and if I miss the postman I have to drive 15 miles one way to the postal facility to pick them up.
  7. vathek

    Student violin

    Would agree with hendrik, afterall, it may be better than any cheap student instruments, but you can't know until you try out all the possibilities. Have you played any of the rentals?
  8. Yep , that's the one, with all the features mentioned.
  9. David: hope you can find a pic, would like to see it.
  10. The end block was repaired after the pics were taken. I believe that Wenberg mentions that House used two bass bars, so I think they could be original. Also not sure what the repairman may have repaired. It sounds and plays very well. It's a nice violin.
  11. Recently I had to send my 1913 N. W. House violin (listed in Wenberg) off to get the reglued as the recent heat and humidity caused the glue to fail. The luthier took pics of the inside and I thought some of you would get a kick out of some of the unusual features. I had assumed the violin had no corner blocks and now I see that the walnut faces on them made them hard to see. I have no explanation for the 2 piece blocks or the tube for the end pin.
  12. vathek

    Your worst buy on Ebay

    The more fanciful the documentation, the more likely it's a fantasy
  13. vathek

    Apparently violins can't play middle C

    This was taken from the publication "A Day in the life of the Beatles" with the Yellow Submarine story. I believe the author was present when this event happened, but I can't believe it would not have been caught before publication. This was an 'official' publication.