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  1. I have a 19c bow silver mounted signed Bausch Leipzig. It may have been made by one of the Knopfs. It's a nice bow but on the soft side. Bounces very well.
  2. Jerry, what do you remember of the instrument in the picture as it's about the same time period as the date in the violin I have?
  3. No bridge, I would have thought they would have used a real wooden bridge but I've never seen one of these before, so.... There is no evidence (glue trail or marks of any kind) to suggest there was a bassbar.
  4. I may be wrong but I always understood lucite and plexiglass different brand names for basically the same material.
  5. Both top and back . A bassbar would be a nice visual but I can't imagine that it would actually serve any purpose. And of course, k no purfling either
  6. Picked this up for practically nothing as a curiosity. It's a full sized instrument and nicely modeled. The end of the scroll is broken off and it is signed by what looks like B. L. New. 76. It's heavy and I tried to tune the unknown brand strings up but the pegs wouldn't hold well but it did sound like a violin although pretty soft. Cool tailpiece tho. Just wonder if anyone has seen one of these before.
  7. Interesting that the double purfling didn't stop the crack on the treble side upper bout.
  8. vathek

    ID violin

    Perhaps this is arguable, but the screw is a machine made one with a pointed end which probably can't predate 1840's.
  9. vathek

    New Hill violins

    And less likely to be eaten.
  10. vathek

    Unusual VSO

    Would be interested to see the inside of the case.
  11. I just noticed that the lower instrument is playing the same type of figure but doesn't have the double slure.
  12. vathek

    Bad Bach?

    Not unlike Beethoven in my opinion. The brilliance of many of his piano sonatas is still dazzling, but not all of them reach that level.
  13. vathek

    New Hill violins

    Waterman pens come to mind
  14. vathek

    New Hill violins

    I think the "since 1762" in their masthead is a bit disingenuous
  15. Actually if it's done on a computer a lot of notation software has a mind of its own and things like accents colliding with slurs can be common and need to be fixed by hand. Easy to miss a few.