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  1. I owned a Curatoli once and remember it as being a nice instrument
  2. Palousian: I've lisstened to a lot of Clements back in the day. Never heard blues.
  3. Vassar Clements a blues player? Haven't heard that - I thought he was country. A good player to listen to is Sugarcane Harris. He played with Zappa. You can find stuff by him on youtube
  4. Am I seeing things or are the letters O W carved in the heel of the scroll?
  5. My understanding is that all those stamped as the O P's were late 19c factory instruments. I believe FAG 3 had a factory where these were turned out.
  7. What about their Virzi instruments?
  8. I recently read regarding antique furniture not to use oils - they don't need it and don't like it and it may cause them to darken over time.
  10. I agree with this. I'm very familiar with modern music and I think choosing Wozzeck is an extreme example. My attempts to listen to it generally ended in aural fatique. 12 tone music was an experiment that failed imho. I think a more realistic choice would be Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra or Music for Strings, Percussion & Celeste.