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  1. Am I seeing things or are the letters O W carved in the heel of the scroll?
  2. My understanding is that all those stamped as the O P's were late 19c factory instruments. I believe FAG 3 had a factory where these were turned out.
  3. vathek

    Bow B.F

    Owner's initials?
  5. What about their Virzi instruments?
  6. I recently read regarding antique furniture not to use oils - they don't need it and don't like it and it may cause them to darken over time.
  8. I agree with this. I'm very familiar with modern music and I think choosing Wozzeck is an extreme example. My attempts to listen to it generally ended in aural fatique. 12 tone music was an experiment that failed imho. I think a more realistic choice would be Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra or Music for Strings, Percussion & Celeste.
  9. I do what palousian suggest although I have to roll the D3 a little toward the bridge or it will be a bit low.
  10. Obsessive compulsive. I wonder if they bought a lot of that stuff as investments. Sad.
  11. My reaction to lola & hauser is that it is theater. From the standpoint of classical music death would be preferable. Argerich, Rubenstein, Horowitz were never dry presenters, the focus was on the music they played and there was nothing boring about it. For people who don't get the music....well, that's their problem.