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  1. The split is stable so it's not going anywhere but I'm beginning to think even tho this may be a basic procedure, it could be more pricey since gold is involved so I just may leave as is..
  2. Thanks for the replies. I think this may have happened due to wood expansion and contraction under the ring. No thoughts on who may have made the bow? I guess another option would be just to leave it as is.
  3. Thanks Brad. Any suggestions? There is no one near here who can do it.
  4. This is a very nice German gold mounted vintage bow. Wood is straight grained and it looks like quality materials were used. I'm curious to know if it has any elements that can pin it down to a possible maker (possibly Siefert?). There are no pins in the adjuster. The adjuster has a split in one of the gold covers and I wonder whether I should send it to a bow maker or if a jeweler could do it. There are no string repair shops in my area.
  5. May not even be a composer, could be some statesman or politician or famous doctor etc.
  6. When I read reactionary things like this article I wonder what people are thinking. Bach, Mozart and Beethoven I'm sure as white overlords treated their slaves very well (much sarcasm intentional). Bartok was not so well treated so to think of him as a privileged white guy is ridiculous, he struggled. To even use the phrase "white European music from the slave period" doesn't even apply to the situation. Possible changes to undergraduate courses include reducing the focus on canonic classical composers like Mozart and Beethoven, in a proposed move away from “white European music from the slave period”. It was reported that professors questioning the music curriculum’s “complicity in white supremacy” also proposed a lighter focus on western music notation, allegedly described in the documents as a “colonialist representational system”
  7. I have an old German bow where the lower octagonal facet extends well beyond the lapping so I don't think that can be taken as being a definitive sign of French work on its own. Also I think the U shaped facets at the bow end of the adjuster are a German trait.
  8. I recently started working on this and has a similar reaction. Then I read that what Bach had done here is write out all the ornamentation, and the expectation would be to play it more freely. I don't think I've heard a recorded version where someone actually tried to stick to a strict rhythm and after a short while it becomes easier to read.
  9. I owned a Curatoli once and remember it as being a nice instrument
  10. Palousian: I've lisstened to a lot of Clements back in the day. Never heard blues.
  11. Vassar Clements a blues player? Haven't heard that - I thought he was country. A good player to listen to is Sugarcane Harris. He played with Zappa. You can find stuff by him on youtube
  12. Am I seeing things or are the letters O W carved in the heel of the scroll?
  13. My understanding is that all those stamped as the O P's were late 19c factory instruments. I believe FAG 3 had a factory where these were turned out.
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