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  1. I'd think that would be very difficult to track down, but we'll see.
  2. Wasn't that the episode where Yoo had his violin sound post fixed (in Cremona?) and they all agreed no one could build a great instrument anymore?
  3. Ken_N thanks for the reply
  4. Could someone explain this a little further?
  5. I thought this was interesting, with Scott Yoo.'s+music
  6. I believe a flat eye is more of a French trait?
  7. If Bohemian shouldn't the blacks on the purfling be wider, and there's no delta on the scroll, plus the eye of the scroll is flat, not domed?
  8. Given the amount of work done on this violin someone(s) must have thought very highly of it.
  9. Noticed that it has a pinned adjustor. Isn't that unusual for what otherwise looks like a trade bow?
  10. Can't tell precisely but it seems that the rib corners and the bottom plate corners don't align very well
  11. vathek


    I can make out Mittenwald but that's it
  12. If you are referring to the USA innocent until proven guilty has gone out the window, especially when applied to the immigrant crisis here. And guilty when you are guilty means nothing happens re: powerful white men.
  13. I also have an American violin with a six piece top.
  14. Sometimes more comes out of the bottle that was anticipated. This has certainly happened to me with salad dressing.