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  1. I have heard these can sound good so if you get it set up right it could be a good player.
  2. It's most likely early 20c from the Glass factory. An original Glass wouldn't say 'made in Germany'
  3. vathek

    Violin with Two-Layer Plates

    The mark on the tailpiece has nothing to do with the violin. It is a 'sold separately' item.
  4. I doubt today's audiences would find much humor in Benny's shows, which is sad.
  5. vathek

    Violin bow with silver(?) head plate

    Not really, tortoise shell can deteriorate further from moisture and oils from the hand and it is a protected substance which can get an owner into trouble. I would replace it on the bow and save it.
  6. vathek

    Baroque performance practice or not?

    Is it know if Bach ever played these in public? Did anyone in his time?
  7. vathek

    Violin bow with silver(?) head plate

    If the frog is genuine tortoise shell I'd replace it.
  8. vathek

    Ever seen anything like this?

    I notice a wire tucked in his shirt so possibly a fingerboard with a pick up?
  9. I'm working on the Bach Partita III in E and notice in this and other Baroque pieces an almost slavish convention of playing a phrase forte and when the phrase repeats (AB construction) it is played piano. It sounds so mechanical and predictable I wonder if this is an actual Baroque thing or a later affectation?
  10. vathek

    Ever see an X-ray of a case by Stradivari?

    I've read that iron maidens were a fantasy and not actually used as medieval torture devices
  11. vathek

    Playing in Db?

    Db major or minor? I find it easier to think in C#, major or minor
  12. vathek

    Interesting old cello

    I've never seen inlaid dots on the fingerboard before.
  13. vathek

    Case ID - as the case may be

    An example of an early lathe turned screw head:
  14. vathek

    Verification on Markneukirchen Identification?

    It looks to be in good shape and with a proper set up, like a real tail gut, might sound alright.