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  1. Atypical construction violin

    I seem to recall an earlier post with that type of bridge discussed, but wouldn't know where to find it.

    The buyer is, in effect, only expressing his opinion when he says "it looks like". Not to be taken seriously in any way. A poster of the Mona Lisa "looks like" a DaVinci.
  3. Help identifying violin

    Some info and pics of bow too?
  4. Hmmm, did you look at his other items for sale (violins). I'm a bit suspicious.
  5. How do you play fifths on high positions

    If you arppegiate a major or minor through each inversion the fifth is in each one but shifts over one string. I've seen those written in 19th c. repertoire pretty high up.
  6. handmade violin

    Pretty amazing that they can program machines to do that.
  7. Is the label on this violin legit?

    Possibly Chinese or Reghin? Does look rather recent
  8. Ida Haendel

    I like her playing. Notice her bow looks to have an ivory frog and how tight she has it adjusted.
  9. laid paper (old fashion) for labels.

    Off the top of my head I believe they supplied paper for Dali and Picasso and they go back to the 14 - 1500s
  10. The theme to Laurence of Arabia?
  11. Help identifying a Scottish(?) violin/maker

    Wait...chunky or smooth?
  12. Violin bow ID help please

    Possibly this? Richard Pfretzschner, established the 1880 company H. R. PFRETZSCHNER in Markneukirchen, the bohemian-saxonian "Musikwinkel", where the craft of bowmaking in Germany has its origin. Hermann learned the craft of bowmaking from his father, Carl in Markneukirchen. After finishing his apprenticeship, he decided to study the craft of bowmaking in Paris, where the bowmaking was very highly developed at the time. In 1873, he became the last pupil of the famous violin and bowmaker, Jean Baptiste Vuillaume (1798 - 1875) in Paris. In 1901, Hermann received the famous title "Königlich Sächsischer Hoflieferant" (purveyor to the court of Saxony). From now on he was allowed to stamp the "king's coat of arms" on the frog of his bows. In 1911 he received the title "Großherzoglich Sächsischer Hoflieferant" from the Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar. As an indication of his work, it has been said that H.R Pfretzschner is the only master of bowmaking to receive such titles.
  13. I just went with the Pano Tuner because I liked the way it looks and it works.