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  1. vathek

    Fur Ball

    Sort of a violin version of the rat king?
  2. I get it. Editor wants an anticipation of the 5th by keeping 1 finger down on the e and b. I would more normally expect that to be written with a 1 over 1 and a line, not the brace.
  3. The interval in the example is a 6th, which would not be stopped with one finger. None of those notes can be played on the A string. They are too low.
  4. I can't get that first symbol to make sense. What's the key signature?
  5. does OP know how long his mother owned the instrument?
  6. You buy his 'violins' and send him money, then you are his 'dear' friend.
  7. The marks on the upper back look like worm tracks to me, but it looks like it's only on the surface.
  8. don't the notches at the bottom of the button indicate Saxon?
  9. Agree with Jacob. The first written character looks like an Re
  10. Does anyone have pics of the screws Strad used?
  11. If it was stamped after it was made neatness may not have been a priority