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  1. We pay by the hair here.
  2. This is a recent acquisition and I'm not sure what to make of it. The threading looks old on the button screw and it looks like careful, if unsophisticated workmanship, so it's a cheap late 19c bow or a much earlier bow. Any info appreciated.
  3. Violin ID

    If being sold by a professional violin maker how much are his instruments? Maybe she could buy one of those?
  4. It would have been more convincing if she didn't know which bow she was playing beforehand.
  6. Gabriel David Buchstetter

    I've tracked it down to this volume but couldn't find it anywhere. The Burdens of History: German Instrument Values The Strad (2014) Vol. 125, pp. 69-72
  7. Recording of Einstein playing Mozart

    I'm sure his thoughts on that would be relative
  9. Gabriel David Buchstetter

    Where can this Kass article be found online?
  10. Isn't silk winding and a pinned adjuster usually a sign of French work, plus the name upside down? Work looks pretty clean to me.
  11. What is the rib height? Is it possibly a fractional viola?
  12. Thoughts on Unlabeled Violin

    Is that tape where the chin rest clamps would go? I don't see any signs of it ever having a chin rest, there's usually some wear.
  13. ID, Celebrated Crown

    Has the top possibly been refinished?
  14. No.1 from √Čtudes, Op.36

    until or to.