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  1. Interesting old cello

    I've never seen inlaid dots on the fingerboard before.
  2. Case ID - as the case may be

    An example of an early lathe turned screw head:
  3. Verification on Markneukirchen Identification?

    It looks to be in good shape and with a proper set up, like a real tail gut, might sound alright.
  4. Americana

    " Lions head scroll complete with tongue ". Wow, the lion's head has the original tongue!!
  5. Sexy tool

    Could it be a cabinet maker's tool for doing string inlays?
  6. Strange model violin ID

    From the pic the peg box mostly looks dirty?
  7. Looks like a cheap bow - but gold mounted?

    I doubt you'd find Pinchbeck on a cheap bow.
  8. Unknown Bow Up For Discussion

    It it possible those marks are from some odd ball bow holder, as found in some instrument cases?
  9. A compellingly odd but beautiful violin

    On the other hand:
  10. Publishers and clefs

    I think these instances may have been 19c conventions. I think it was expected to be able to read more exotic clefs. There used to be a series of clefs like the alto clef that would mark different lines in the bass clef as C. You would have needed to be able to be proficient in reading them.
  11. Publishers and clefs

    In this case using that clef is ridiculous. Bassoonists should be able to read up to a g above middle c without a change of clef.
  12. Who was "D.Johnstone" (around 1900)?

    Corners are really square
  13. Who was the maker in that vid?
  14. Guns and violin making

    Agree with Roger. Will say though that a hunting rifle is a lot different than an auto or semi auto assault weapon. No civilian needs one of those, their only purpose is to kill other human beings. I have no problem with people who hunt for food (not sport - killing another living thing should never be sport) and respect the animals for providing them sustenance.