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  1. vathek

    Bad Bach?

    Not unlike Beethoven in my opinion. The brilliance of many of his piano sonatas is still dazzling, but not all of them reach that level.
  2. vathek

    New Hill violins

    Waterman pens come to mind
  3. vathek

    New Hill violins

    I think the "since 1762" in their masthead is a bit disingenuous
  4. Actually if it's done on a computer a lot of notation software has a mind of its own and things like accents colliding with slurs can be common and need to be fixed by hand. Easy to miss a few.
  5. Altogether very interesting. Seems someone was using the dropped ceiling as an attic. A bit surprising that these items could have stayed up there so long without anyone else (i.e. family members) knowing they were there.
  6. I would also say copying error. Is it an older engraved score or one done with a computer program?
  7. An Art Deco screen by Paul Feher, Rose Iron Works, Cleveland.
  8. Also a Joseph Gutteridge on wikipedia listed as a silk weaver at an appropriate date in Coventry: Joseph Gutteridge (23 March 1816 - 4 November 1899) was an English silk weaver and naturalist.[1] Gutteridge became an atheist after attending debates at the Coventry Mutual Improvement Society, and became an Owenite socialist.[1] After participating in the strike of 1860-61 in the aftermath of the Cobden–Chevalier Treaty, he acquired "firm Liberal views".[1] Despite being ruined by the Treaty, he was "dogmatically committed to free trade as the poor man's best hope".[2] In 1893 his autobiography Lights and Shadows in the Life of an Artisan was published, which was drawn from his diary. It "remains an impressive source for the history of the silk industry, working-class life, and urban development during the industrial revolution".[1]William Ewart Gladstone received a copy and it gained favourable reviews. Gutteridge received a gift from the Royal Bounty Fund and an annuity from friends.[1]
  9. I notice that it's listed under 'home decor'
  10. I've ordered Warchals from Quinn Violins, reasonably priced and fast shipping.
  11. I would bet that the music school cleaned the safe out and left it due weight etc. It's empty.
  12. Is the plaque on back brass or silver?
  13. Glebert: I was wondering that too.
  14. The ads have really settled down since they started. I use firefox.
  15. vathek

    Pochette violin

    My guess would be they where held at the chest rather than chin.