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  1. I've never yet had a problem on a flight - either I am lucky or my case doesn't look big...I travel with a small shaped case. I have flown on both US - national and International flights to Canada and Europe.
  2. The International Edition (Galamian edition) has photographs of the manuscript in the back. It is not an online way to view, but it is there, if you are interested...
  3. Flecky, the wonder cat, LOVES violin music. In fact, he will come into the studio while I am practicing or teaching and curl up to sleep. He makes a weird "sheep-like" noise when I or my students stop playing. The best is when I am coaching chamber music - he really enjoys string quartets! (Even if they are playing with less-than-perfect intonation or phrasing!)
  4. If that last post made you feel better, I can REALLY make your day! About 3 weeks ago my bow caught on something (the tuner, the corner) while I was putting the bow away and turning my body to the left. The violin shot out about 3 feet through the air, landed face-down. Damage: Back split neatly in two down the center seam. Front split along the fingerboard all the way down, following the line of the bass bar. It even split the block where the end button attaches. I now have a 2-piece violin! Damage estimate: $2000 - $5000 U.S. I am hoping the violin will be o.k. after the repair... Good luck with yours. (And I hope this made you feel a bit better.)
  5. Please rest assured that his grandson is a serious player and has a secure relationship with his cello - he is carrying on his granfather's legacy proudly!
  6. Do you live in Manhattan? There are several good Youth Orchestra programs in New Jersery, if you are across the Hudson. Otherwise, several music schools in the city - Third Street Music School Settlement and Mannes Preparatory Division have orchestras. At Third Street School one does not have to be a student in the school to be in the orchestra there - They have a bustling chamber music program, as well. I think that Mannes also allows students who do not have their lessons through the school, too.
  7. On West End Avenue (the Upper West Side is the name of the section of town) Cross street: either the Upper 70's or Lower 80's.
  8. Mr Redrobe, I wish I could hear more of your thoughts on Galamian!
  9. Fortunately, I love what I do and also lucky that I make a living doing it. (Although I enjoy $$ I have been known to "open my case" when not being paid, too).
  10. I thought you might want to know that Dorothy DeLay, violin teacher, passed away this afternoon.
  11. Check also a school on the Lower East Side - Third Street Music School Settlement -- very good Chamber music program, nice atmosphere for families - graduates serious about careers in music have placed in good conservatories and colleges (Juilliard, Oberlin, Cleveland, Manhattan School, Mannes, Rice University... The school is named Third Street even though it is on East 11th Street -- 212 777 3240
  12. quote: Originally posted by legenyes: On aluminum I think it might be cupric oxide (CuO), and on silver it could be either CuO or silver oxide (Ag2O), Sorry to correct you, but cupric oxide is from the oxidation of neither aluminum or silver, but of copper.
  13. Fredell Lack - Great player, wonderful teacher!
  14. quote: Originally posted by roman: Thanks, I wasn't thinking. She was a part of the NEYE for a while however (a while back). Do you know her as well? roman Yes, I know her and have been on the same faculty.
  15. The piece is probably a section of the piece "Palladio" -- I cannot remember the composer, but it is published by Boosey and Hawkes as an Orchestral piece. DeBeers has been using various arrangements of that piece for years...
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