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  1. quote: Originally posted by phillipae1: I'm thinking of calling my new cello Max.....its very sexy and strong.....not sure if thats an 'uncool' thing to do though lol Interestingly enough, Max is the most popular name in the world for dogs. Doesn't directly apply to instruments, but it shows that your not alone with the name. But now for my contribution... Violin Name: Hamlet and a step further... Bow Name: D'Artagnan -DM
  2. Today is the 24th of October. I have something I need to be ready for on Nov. 7. I'm not happy with my D and G strings (eudoxas). Do I have time to put new strings on (probably dominants) and have them be ready for the 7th? Also, I'l be doing quite a bit of practicing so was thinking that doing that might break them in a little sooner. My question....How long does it take the average string to "settle in"?? Thanks. DM
  3. This has probably been done before but I've never seen it, so I thought it'd be nice to make a thread for musical quotes. It could be one you've heard or read, or even just one you make up. This also serves an alterior motive as I'm searching for the right quote to put on the back of the t-shirts for my school orchestra. I'll start things off with an obviously divinely inspired music quote from none other than Shakespeare... "Is it not strange that sheep's guts should hale souls from men's bodies?" -DM
  4. Underwear is usually good...especially for Mozart. Sometimes for romantic music you can do without it. -DM
  5. ok...I just got a violin. It's very nice. For insurance purposes, we got it appraised. Now, the guy didn't seem to pay too much attention to the appraisal, and was merely going to appraise it at what we said that we paid for it. I sort of noticed that he didn't really consider saying another price, and was content with the one we had given him, so I decided to test him. I added that my teacher said it was worth about 500 more than what I paid for it.....so he changed the appraisal to 500 dollars more. I got the impression that I could have said I paid any price (within reason), and he would have appraised it at that. Thus, I'm not terribly confident that it's the best appraisal I could have gotten (example: my teacher originally appraised it at what this guy ended up saying, but when he played it later after some minor repairs and just general fixing-up, he said it worth much more) So, in my skepticism, I'm coming here...hopefully for a second opinion. Here are the specs... German made violin (circa 1900) in the Amati style. The label reads "Andreas Amati fecit Cremonae Anno 1695". The top of the violin is medium grained spruce. The back is one piece and is made of somewhat-flamed, quarter-cut maple. The ribs and scroll are also maple. The varnish is brown and shaded in spots, but generally very good. It is in very good condition, and has a rich, full-bodied sound. Not sure if anyone can make an accurate assumption from that, but I thought I'd at least try...thanks if anyone can. DM
  6. What's a Coda Bow? And where do I find one? And how much are they? And what are they like? My teacher referred me to them when I inquired about my search for a new bow. Checked the Shar catalog (not online yet, though) and didnt see them....and I just figured I'd come here to get some more direction before I go searching blindly...cause even if I find it on Shar online, it always helps to know what the thing i'm looking at is like. Thanks, as always. -DM
  7. quote: Originally posted by Ken Nielsen: How about running the violin over to your local luthier for a look. It just did...the luthier, cooincidentally enough, is the one that put the strings on in the first place. And yes, it's a Eudoxa A...the E is the only one that isn't. DM
  8. A couple weeks ago I posted a question or two about my recently purchased Eudoxa Gut strings. I have since started playing on them.... The E string (Goldbrakat) is divine. I love it. The others are definately different, but I'm getting used to them. One problem, though... I hate my A string. It routinely squeaks, whistles, etc. and has another sound that can only be compared to the sound of a wolf-tone on my sister's cello. My question...since I'm obviously looking to replace it, is there anything I should consider? Do synthetic strings not mesh with the sound of gut?...or do I not have to worry about that? My plan is to replace it with a Dominant A, since that, along with Red Label's, are the only strings I can buy locally (i don't feel like ordering more from Shar or somewhere) and the Dominants are fairly trustworthy and solid. I'm inclined to believe it doesn't matter all that much....my old violin had 4 different kinds on it, and they comlimented eachother just fine, with no glaring differences...but then again, none of them were gut, so my current situation may be different. Also, perhaps it's set up wrong, or something else is the matter. Maybe there's a way to fix whatever is wrong with it without having to replace it. If anyone knows anything that I might try, that would be good too. Any and all help or comments will be helpful and appreciated. And I also, on a side-thought, hope you're all having a good summer, since I really haven't been on the FB much to talk to any of you. bye DM
  9. I needed new strings. I wanted something different than the Dominants and Red Label's at my local music store. On an impulse I bought Pirastro Eudoxa A, D, and G strings...along with a Goldbrakat E string. My decision was made based on what this one soloist/teacher said about how much he liked them in a brief bio at the bottom of the string page in the Shar catalog. My question....what kind of strings do I have? I won't be able to find out for myself for another week or so (my violin is getting repairs). I know they're gut strings...but not much else about them. I just wanted different (and hopefully better) strings to play on than what I had been. I've heard they go out of tune more than most strings. I don't know whether this is true or not, but it worries me...it's hard enough for me to play in tune when my strings are correct....heaven forbid I have another thing to deal with. I fear I just made a wrong decision, should I have to perform/solo with these strings. In any case...anyone who could shed light on this for would be a great help. DM
  10. I appreciate all of this...even the criticism. And while my leaving now is linked to the ill-fated relationship with the girl I met here, it is not me "whining". My life, at this point, can best be served by simplifying it until all that remains is what is really important. My relationship with her, while it is what triggered my decision to announce my farewell, is actually only one of many things that needs sorted out within myself. And the FB, while a wonderful internet site, is one of the things that I must remove from my mind and my life for the time being. I have said too much as it is...I will go now. But don't worry for my sake...I need time right now...but my problems are ones that time can eventually solve and/or heal....how much time, though, remains to be seen. My best to all of you until we meet again. DM
  11. In the past months, I haven't posted all that much, but I had at one time posted quite a bit....enough for most of you to get to know me (I think). But I'm saying goodbye. When I came on the FB, I was but a young violinist with no knowledge about the violin or violin music or classical music in general. But in these months here, between all of you and my own desire to know more, I've become a relatively well-informed and knowledgable violinist. I can now have conversations about a variety of musical topics with people who know a lot and not sound stupid or in the dark. So, in that respect, I owe the FB a lot. And, though I will not go into too much detail, I believe I can say that I am the only person that found love on the FB. Not a joke either. Even if it was only teenage "love", and even though it ended rather bitterly, the Fingerboard introduced me to a wonderful girl who I became (for a time) very close with. And I'm pretty sure that this is the only site on the internet that I can say that about. So I definately won't forget the FB, and could possibly return someday to grace the threads again, but for right now I just don't feel like being on here anymore...the FB, the internet....any of it. Not sure how many people will care about my leaving and all...but it felt good to be able to write this. Bye all. DM
  12. Perhaps, as a few of you suggested, there is no true "ideal" musician. But I need not delve into the philosophy of that argument...only need to write a decent paper. And some of the things from here have given me some ideas...so thanks. Special thanks to Lymond...I think I just might use Perlman. DM
  13. What are the characteristics (in your opinions of course) of the perfect musician? Also, who do you know of that best exemplifies the qualities you have for him/her? I'm doing this for a paper in composition class...we have to do "The Perfect/Ideal/Ultimate Something" and I figured I'd tap the wonderful resource I have here in the Fingerboard to give me some varied and interesting ideas beyond the ones I have myself, while at the same time make a thread to hopefully provoke some thought from many of you. For the sake of the paper, the example of someone would have to be someone who is fairly universally known for me to be able to site him/her in the paper, but if there's someone that you personally know who embodies whatever qualities you list, that's fine too. thanks DM
  14. ok...this pic isn't of me playing the violin, and I look pretty...um...unique in it, but I assure you it's me. http://hometown.aol.com/mark721453/myhomepage/photo.html enjoy! DM P.S. (anyone that else that can do this..please do...I think it's pretty neat) [This message has been edited by DigiMark (edited 03-04-2001).]
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