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  1. I was at the Saturday night performance and have to agree with Jane's assessment: Sublime it was! I had a front row seat directly in front of him, and pretty much felt every note. It was an intense, vivid and just driven performance. It really didn't matter who/what else was there. Harp, cymbals, Slava...whatever! In the end, it really WAS all about that magnificent violin. I, too, am spending quality time with that CD. He'll be in DC in September (for the Lalo). I am counting the days (and my blessings). Zoey
  2. I was at that concert as well (on Friday). I'm a big fan of Edgar Meyer's, so had a grand time. She's a terrific performer...poised, very controlled and intelligent. She did an encore -- Bouree from Bach's Partita #3. I had to head out early, so didn't get a chance to meet her. I'm looking forward to doing so the next time I catch her live.
  3. Does anyone have the Trio cable network? They've been showing the Leonard Bernstein Young People's Concerts and I'm interested in seeing a couple. If so, please let me know. (I rarely log in these days, so email is best: zsiwek@hotmail.com.) Thanks!
  4. Roman, I normally work at the KC Concert Hall on Sunday matinees, and will be sure to stick around for the evening performance. Sounds like fun; thanks for the heads-up. Good luck! Zoey
  5. The entire program was great, including the Sextet. It seemed like they were just a bunch of friends having a good time on stage. From what I could tell, it was a natural rapport and it showed in the music they produced. Must say, I never even heard of Sheryl Staples prior to this weekend, but she impressed the pants off me! Where'd you get HER?
  6. Just came back from NYC, where I saw Steven Isserlis' long-overdue debut with the Philharmonic. The man is fabulous! I got a chance to see him the following day at the 92nd Street Y in a terrific chamber music program. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Did anyone catch him in either?
  7. Strungup: it didn't use to be neutral, but is used as such now. The same was true of "actor" and the like, though. They used to specifically mean male (vs. actress, which was specifically female), but now both men and women say "actor." Same is true of master. You can easily say, when referring to a woman, that "she is a master of her domain" without raising questions. Ditto for concertmaster. Much like "actor," people now accept it as gender-neutral, even though, historically, neither used to be.
  8. Point of clarification: Concertmistress is not a feminist term. Just the opposite, in fact, since most feminists distinctly favor gender-neutral terms and are usually the ones who avoid gender-specific professions. (As an example: they prefer "author" and "poet" for both sexes over the terms -- "authoress" and "poetess" -- that were common in older times.) I suspect that concertmistress is either an older term or one that people simply assumed was in use. The few female concertmasters that I know of, including the one in my hometown of DC (Nurit Bar-Joseph), all go by concermaster, as it is acceptable for both. Regards, Zoey
  9. Unfortunately, non-Sony artists rarely have a good source of reliable concert schedules. Although limited, you can find them on www.culturefinder.com instead. A search for Sarah Chang revealed the following. http://www.culturefinder.com/calendar/sear...key=sarah+chang Good luck! Zoey
  10. Jane: Wonderful to hear you bought your Britten tix already! Tried sending you a message saying I planned on being there as well, but I'm not sure I got through. I will probably get my tix this month and will let you know where they are. It would be lovely to meet up for a few.... I rarely log on these days, but you can reach me by email if you need to: zsiwek@hotmail.com. Regards, Zoey
  11. If you don't know this already: it's up!
  12. Jane: I just saw this post now (haven't been on the site for ages), so please excuse the delayed response. *Of course* I plan on seeing the Britten. NYC is an easy 4-hour drive from DC, so I have no excuse not to. If you plan on coming, definitely let me know. I'd be happy to host you, meet up with you, whatever... Oh, and Hilary Hahn will be doing the Meyer in DC next March as well. I intend to squeeze them both in. Email me when you've decided. Hope you can make it! Zoey
  13. Jane: I'm definitely going to try and see him since I haven't had a chance to. I will let you know about the break. Zoey
  14. FYI: Some strings highlights from Baltimore's next season: Sept 19-21: Bruch 1 (Pamela Frank) Jan 9, 10, 12: Dvorak's Cello Concerto (Alexander Knizev) Feb 7-9: Prokofiev 2 (Borlis Belkin) Feb 13, 14, 16: Shostakovich 1 (Vadim Repin) Apr 24-26: Bartok's Viola Concerto (Yuri Bashmet) May 1-2: Mozart 5 (Elizabeth Batiashvili) May 15-17: Mozart 3 (Frank Peter Zimmerman) June 6-8: Saint Saens Cello Con 1 (Steven Isserlis) June 12-15: Nielsen (Jonathan Carney - BSO's new concertmaster?) Also, for John Corigliano fans: he'll host "Classics and the Cinema" on March 29th. Zoey
  15. Thanks, Phantom. Between this guy and another email contact I found, I hope to get to the bottom of this. While I'm at it (and since your powers seem to be at their peak today...): Do you know if there's an arrangement of the concerti for piano and string quartet as well? Thanks (again). Zoey
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