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  1. Can anyone tell me about the french maker Jacques Boquay? My friend owns a violin of his made in 1722 and would like information on it. Thanks!! Angela
  2. when i was living in my parent's house, i had no problem with neighbours. first of all, none of their houses were particularly close to ours. secondly, we were surrounded by so many different noisy animals that i really had no reason to feel bad. donkeys, pea****s, roosters, dogs, horses, kids...... now however, i'm living in a dorm room and the walls are paper thin. i always either practice in the music building till all hours of the night or in my room during the day on my electric violin not plugged in.
  3. it's certainly not my first. i did my grade 10 royal conservatory last year, and i played the bruch g minor. i haven't really played that many concertos though, other than what's in the suzuki books.
  4. i've noticed quite a large connection between violinists and horses. personally, i have two horses, an 8 year old thoroughbred (the most wonderful horse on the face of the earth) and a 26 year old welsh/arab pony that i've had since i was 5. have had rabbits, dogs, cats and fish in the past as well.
  5. Can somebody possibly attach a Royal Conservatory grade level to the Barber violin concerto? I've been considering giving it a try, but I'll hold off if it's way out of my league. Thanks!
  6. one regular violin, one electric violin, a trombone, a tuba which i don't actually own but i consider it mine anyway, 2 classical guitars, one electric guitar, a piano, 2 ukeleles, 2 recorders, a harmonica, a rainstick, and various other strange percussion instruments. i mostly stick to the violins, trombone and tuba though.
  7. Are you talking about a Royal Conservatory exam? Because if you are, I'm pretty sure you HAVE to do your scales Galamian style for that. Besides, if she's only a temporary teacher, she needs to respect the way your regular teacher has taught you and continue with that. It's not up to her to be changing things that are simply a matter of opinion. Personally I like Mu0n's rebellion strategy....
  8. My violin is an 1899 copy of an Andreas Borelli which was given to my mother by her grandmother. Not worth a whole lot, maybe $4500 or something. Neither of my bows are that great, one being a Tourte copy that I was given, and my spare is just your plain old generic bow that my mom bought for $150. I'm not at all sure what I would be able to spend on a new instrument. It all depends on whether or not I sell my horse. I didn't really mean for this post to be about me in specific though. I was just curious as to what everyone thought would be a more logical trade-in, a new bow or a new violi
  9. I play a Fender with a small Crate guitar amp. It works fine for my purposes (I just use it to play around, sometimes jam with my brother) and it's easy to transport. I also have a Zoom effects pedal which is a blast.... :-)
  10. I played that piece a couple years ago at a summer music camp. It was good entertainment for the audience and fun to play too!! I think the kids in the orchestra really enjoyed it, and it wasn't too great a struggle for them. It teaches a good range of playing styles and techniques.
  11. My question for everyone is about which would be a better upgrade: a new bow, or a new violin. I've been reading a few previous posts about this topic, but in most cases it applied to quite new players looking for a decent instrument and bow after using a rental. For a relatively experienced player, would a decent instrument with a really good bow be a better combination than a really good violin and a decent bow? I'm looking into upgrading, and I'd like to know everyone's opinions. Thanks!!
  12. First of all, the reason I'm taking lessons from a grad student and not a professor is because I was not accepted to the university on violin, but tuba instead. I'm taking violin as a second instrument study, and so I get lessons from whoever happens to have time to teach me. It just so happens that one of the grad students had time. I'm greatful for that, because otherwise I wouldn't be having any lessons at all. One of the professors will also be teaching me once a month, and she had a lot of good things to say about my current teacher's abilities. She has a lot of confidence in her approach
  13. It's been so long since I've posted on here!! I doubt any of you remember me, but I was kind of a regular here about a year ago. Anyway, this post is about my new teacher here at university and what she has decided about my bow arm. I've just started my first year of university and though I'm playing tuba mainly, I'm also taking violin lessons from a grad student. Violin is actually my first instrument, but that's another story. So I've had one lesson with my new teacher so far, and she has decided that throughout my 15 years of playing violin, I've been taught to bow in very much the wrong
  14. I'm working towards my grade 10 Royal Conservatory exam right now. I'm playing the Bruch g minor, Preludio of the Bach Partita #3, Hoedown from Rodeo by Copeland, a Beethoven Sonata (haven't decided which one yet) and a whole lot of technical stuff!
  15. I have a ****er spaniel who only protests the violin playing when I play double stops. He does, however, take offence to my trombone and tuba. Just the sight of them sends him running. When I play he howls like the world is coming to an end. But when he was a puppy he loved the sound of the tuba and would curl up and fall asleep in the case.