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  1. Hi Celloontheside! I bought that book last year and quite frankly, it confused me so much I stopped using it. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but I could not figure out what to do with some of the exercises. I cannot duplicate the vibrato my teacher uses; I even videotaped her doing it for my viewing enjoyment, but I cannot get my fingers to move that way. I think she is doing a wrist vibrato (it looks like what you see most of the time in orchestras), but I can only do an "arm" vibrato. She thinks mine sounds fine, even though it isn't as pretty as hers is (in my opinion). Mine is a little more subtle. Good luck with that book! Tell us if you ever figure it out! Sheree
  2. I thought it was so much fun to put faces with names. Now when I read HKV's words, I can actually see him saying them and the tone is just right (not rude, not brash, just very passionate with a huge zest for life). Theresa is always so eloquent, (but funny at the same time) and she is just like that in person. Her writing style is that of a much older person with lots of years and wisdom behind them and for the longest time I thought she was at least 70 years old, so it was shocking to see how young and trendy she was! I didn't realize Micaela was so young; again, her writing style portrays a much more mature person. Muon, Jerry, Old Geezer and Celloontheside were just the nicest people you could ever meet and I think they looked the way I expected them to look. I want to thank Rainyann again for the pictures (Muon and Theresa, too!), as I have sent them out over the web to my friends and family and they all said the same thing: the pictures are so great they felt like they were there!
  3. I, too, would have to say a 10 on most days, since I make it part of my routine before going to work and I do still have that beginner's desire to improve (and I do still have to be prepared for my bi-weekly lessons!). But lately we're renovating the house and the guys always show up 30 minutes earlier than they are supposed to--right during my violin time! So I sigh and try to make time in the evening when I get home, but that is very hard since I am TIRED!!!
  4. On Saturday I saw something at a violin shop I had never seen before (which isn't unusual since I'm so new to this instrument), but it totally mesmerized me. The bow had a picture inside the frog which you had to hold up to the light in order to see--but you could see an old black and white picture of the bow maker and his name just as clear as could be. Does anyone know if this adds anything valuable to a bow? Or is it something very common and I'm just seeing it for the first time? I love stuff like that, but I don't want to buy the first one I see if there are lots more out there. Does anyone have one like this? Thanks!
  5. It's been over 20 years ago, but I still remember how loved I felt when my mom sent me one of those big HUGE cards that wouldn't even fit in my mailbox and when I opened it, it said "I love you" in the biggest letters ever. I propped it up and made it part of my decorating scheme and it made me feel good every time I looked at it. She also had this uncanny "mother sense" about sending me boxes of chocolates and goodies for those holidays when I didn't have a boyfriend to do it for me (such as Valentine's Day); I guess she didn't want me to feel left out and boy did it work. Moms are the greatest, aren't they? Tell Loftan good luck--she'll have a blast!
  6. rainyann, you weren't kidding about the pictures being up before we all got back! I got in last night and was surprised and happy to see them--thank you so much! I just wanted to tell everyone how much I enjoyed meeting them and to also let Harriet (celloontheside) and her husband know I did eventually make it back to my hotel, despite the mix-up on my train stop! I'm curious as to whether or not they made that 4:30 bus to DC, though! And thanks to Kevin for organizing everything--he's a real inspiration and very funny, by the way--his energy is amazing!
  7. Aren't Brad and Janice from Florida coming? I thought for sure they were because I remember Janice being concerned about the play list as she did not want to come unprepared. Let us know!
  8. I also play mostly sans vibrato (very feeble attempts at it)--perhaps we could have a little lesson while we are there to help the vibrato-challenged in the group?!!
  9. Altogirl, please don't worry about your skill level! The exciting part of this for me is since I don't know anybody here in Atlanta who is an "adult beginner," I will be with people in my age group who are just starting to learn this marvelous and challenging instrument. At the same time, I am excited there will be people there who have a lot knowledge they can share. It is a passion we all share on the Fingerboard and we will be able to share it in person for once! I am definitely coming for the learning experience (I would be too scared to come if it were a "performance"!). See you there! Sheree
  10. I can't wait to meet you all! I never used Suzuki book One, so I will have to look over someone's shoulder if possible. I've been practicing books 2, 3 and 4 and I'm still trying to master the 2nd part of the Bach Double (I'll be okay if we don't play it at breakneck speed!). Since I was at the end of Book 4 in my lessons anyway, this has been a great opportunity for me to go back through the earlier books and see how much I've improved! Some of the pieces now seem so much easier than when I was learning them (that's a good thing!). My husband and I will be staying at The Bentley in Midtown Manhattan (it's close to the bridge that takes you to Queens) and are excited to have tickets to "The Full Monty" on Saturday night! We are also going to try to see the Jacqueline Onassis dress collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (just some hints for others who may be spending the weekend in NYC) One question: what time are we meeting on Sunday? Maybe it was posted before, but I don't remember the time being announced. Anyway, this has been so much fun to look forward to and has made all my practicing even that much more rewarding, knowing that I have a goal to reach in two weeks! I know I'm going to learn so much from all of you. See you there! Sheree
  11. weefiddler, congratulations! Your description of "wanting to get off this ride" is EXACTLY how I felt--the roller coaster was going up and there was nothing to do but hang on! (and boy do I hate roller coasters!) To Ann: I love my teacher and of course I wasn't forced to participate, but she and I both thought it would be fun and I really thought it would be no problem! I felt that way the entire time until my name was called and it was time to go up there. I had no idea I would be almost paralyzed with fear. I would never have agreed to it if I had known my fright would get the best of me. To Theresa: my husband and I tease each other equally (good-naturedly), so I can't take the high road there. I just wish I hadn't given him another episode to relish (don't worry, I'll get him back later)! To Andy: have you ever taken the Inderal? Is a beta-blocker what they give people with heart problems? Just curious.
  12. Good luck, weefiddler! I'm sitting here trying to think of something I could have done differently last Sunday which would have made it not quite the tragedy it was, but I don't think anything would have helped me. I tried to trivialize the whole thing leading up to it, but the moment my name was called and I had to pick up my instrument and march to the front, it all flew out the window. I only wish that 1. my husband hadn't been there because now he will forever tease me about it, and 2. there hadn't been somebody's father there with a camcorder who will most likely show my portion of the video to his friends as they laugh out loud at ****tail parties (okay, I know I am flattering myself with this one). Anyway, I feel your pain! Go and get it over with!
  13. I am the oldest student my teacher has (I'm 40) and somehow I was convinced to play at a recital this past Sunday, along with her other students, mainly between the ages of 5 and 12. I purposely picked a very simple duet to play with my teacher (Cripple Creek--very easy fiddle tune) so I wouldn't stress over it. I had it memorized and had played it at least 100 times at home without error. I was so nervous I started out with my fingers on the wrong keys, so we started over, but it didn't help. Something in my brain just snaps when I am nervous and I lose all control of my motor skills! It was so humiliating and I'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I'm fine when I play with a large group, but if too much of the attention is on me, I completely lose it. Is this a lifelong curse, or has anyone ever "snapped out" of it?
  14. I love hearing your "horror" stories--it is very comforting (misery loves company)! I think the thing that gets me is how confident all the CHILDREN were--not a nerve in sight, no shaking, no nervous smile, just pure, unadulterated confidence. Even when they made a mistake, they just picked it right back up. And that must be what my problem is...I am not yet confident enough in my ability to play the violin to do it without melting into a puddle!
  15. I think it says a lot about HKV's personality that he was spending time before the concert waiting for his friends and colleagues, making sure they could find the venue. He has also offered to run around and get food for everyone at our reunion, as well as watch their violins while they park their cars. Good things happen to good people. I just hope he will share a little of this performance with us in Queens next month!
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