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  1. Looks like an exceptionally nice Wilkanowski violin on ebay right now Wilkanowski Violin. Also a viola I have never seen before at about $3,000.
  2. This seller is one of the New york gang of five selling faked bows. Hope you didn't bid.
  3. As they say, "A fool is born every minute..." so obviously there is no shortage of willing partners ready to play the role of the fool.
  4. Ron, Why don't you do a quick post of the Reindahl Master Art violin? Why do you classify it as Master Art?
  5. Ron, I thought you were going to assemble a Knute Reindahl webpage? Do you still have plans to do so? I have a nice one from 1907. Very impressive carving, graduation, tone, etc.
  6. The seller used another interesting strategy. He advertised two cello bows. One was a very nice and obviously real G.A. Pfretzschner*** bow. The G.A. Pfretzschner bow gave his auction legitimacy, but then he removed it before the end. He is not the only one to use this technique.
  7. Let's just be blunt. The seller photocopied labels on the same sheet of paper. You have a good eye and hopefully save some poor fool a lot of money.
  8. JackC, I don't want to count the number of times PK has out-sniped me, so he gets my respect and he obviously has the same eye I have. But to say he is a small town luthier, stay at home dad is a joke. He is bank rolled by a large unnamed shop that then buys the violins with a commission from him and then they have no apparent linkage to eBay. Being known in the industry for buying off eBay is probably somewhat embarrassing. That is the only thing that makes sense given his volume of purchases. Again there is some satisfaction that he pays more when I bid, but it is little consolation. If I was sure he was just buying for his own collection, I wouldn't feel spiteful
  9. Congrats PK on the very nice looking violin you won today! PK's New E.H. Roth
  10. My initial post was obviously tongue-in-cheek celebrating a legend. Sorry you didn't see that. However we all are entitled to feel some resentment just as the small business owner is resentful when Walmart moves into town. PK is the Walmart of eBay string instruments. Once I was in final negotiation with a seller that did not sell on eBay. PK swooped in and told the seller he would beat any price I offered. This is very Walmart-esque, IMHO. Certainly not illegal, immoral, etc., just a take no prisoners approach. No body has answered or surmized what is the ultimate disposition of the 470+ violins/violas/cellos he has bought. That is a lot of instruments for a small time, stay at home dad, living in a smallish community.
  11. I don't buy it for a moment Pahdah Hound. PK is a poker player and he just put on his poker face for you. The volume that he buys (and he shows up at auction houses for more purchases) just doesn't add up. He told me too that he doesn't have much money to spend on violins. I would just like to know who the dealer is that buys his violins.
  12. PKNORR continues to gobble-up everything in sight on eBay, so I came up with an idea. Let's pool some money together and buy him a nice long vacation. Since he probably would be bidding on violins on his honeymoon, we need to pick somewhere there is no Internet connection. How about the Gobi Desert? Anyone know if he can get satellite communication there? My only fun on eBay anymore is making sure he pays more than he would if I didn't bid. I know my wife sure likes him though...
  13. I am just glad you caught this message before you wasted your hard earned money. The connection between the-poet, angeela7 and rosyviolin is quite obvious. Why would rosyviolin repeatedly be the high bidder on items that are obviously frauds. Rosyviolin is always a buyer (and always leaves enough time for others to jump in), the-poet and angeela7 always a seller. To say that they know not what they do is ludicrous. They know exactly what they are doing. Since eBay can't/won't police their system, it is up to the usership to try to uncover the dirt under the carpet.
  14. Take a look at the feedbacks for this seller: angelaa7 Now look at the patterns for Rosyviolin and The--Poet. Notice anything interesting? Notice Rosyviolin buys a bow, then it shows up again for sale? Notice that the first picture for angelaa7 and The-Poet are quite similar. There is no shame. Let's see how many people get tricked into paying $$$$ for this "Heinicke."
  15. Tyler

    Viola Soundpost

    Is the dowell used on a viola the same as for a violin or is it uniformly thicker? If so what is the standard diameter?