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  1. Hi group. This is my first post here, and I'm really interested in hearing from other people who have small hands and/or short fingers. I'm 35 years old with a body much like a big, round Butter Ball turkey! My fingers are very short. My index finger is just over 2" long. I have played classical piano for over 20 years and thought the violin would be a breeze ... WRONG! I have been given much advice from people (people with long fingers) that the finger's length doesn't matter. "Can you curl your hand around the scroll" is the first thing I'm always asked. Yes, I can is my reply. "Then you should have no problem" will be the next statement. I understand that they want me to pivot more, but too much of a pivot is too much. After a year of trying to stretch out my fingers in every conceivable way, I have come to realize that some adjustments are very necessary for short fingers. What finally allowed me to take command of the finger board, was when I gave up on trying to look like the models in the violin books. The point was stressed, to be sure and leave lots of space under the violin neck. This kept me in a constant state of reaching for notes. One day I thought ... well, if the fingers are too short, bring the hand up a little. When the hand/palm is brought up under the neck, even touching the neck at times, this puts all the fingers into place. I'm not placing the neck into the valley of the hand, only bringing the palm up to give more length to the fingers. It's a more horizontal hand position. You might look at me and think it's a death grip, but the opposite is true. It actually feels like more control, with less strain. I think it's all about finding the "center of balance" in whatever you do on the violin. I am convinced that people with adequately long fingers ... just cannot comprehend what it's like to have a short finger span. It's like a foreign language to them. If you're another "shortie" like me, please let me know what your experience has been. I'm very glad to have found this group. It's going to be great! Pete
  2. Hi group. My name is Pete and I'm so glad to find you! I've been playing violin for almost a year and since I have short fingers, I'm having a lot of trouble. I'm hoping some of you can help me and maybe we can all learn something along the way. I'm a 35 year old, self employed portrait artist. I use mainly acrylics and oils. Although I paint a realistic and detailed portrait of my clients, my paintings are often too tight and controlled. I am finding that my violin playing is much the same. I just wanted to say hello and to test my registration here, so I look forward to meeting you all online soon. Pete
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