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  1. He also composed about half the music for "The Last of the Mohicans". Especially, that neat little tune "The Gael". I've been trying to get a copy of his CD "The Fiddler" for some time. Doug
  2. I'm with you, Bob. After all, sound of our own voices is manipulated by, or is a result of, the interior shape our mouths/throats. It seems to me the interior shape of the violin and the natural resonances of the wood parts work together in much that same manner as the interior shape of our mouth/throat and our vocal cords. I've always felt that there are some OTHER marvelous 'vowel' sounds available, but are not encountered due to conformity of model. Musing, Doug
  3. For years, I've rubbed in a little sesame oil each time I changed strings, on all my instruments. It seems to have done no harm ... and the aroma is heavenly for a while .... especially after "hot" passages! Doug
  4. Gee, Cary. You're the second person I've heard praise Stephanie Judy's book. I'll give it a go. Doug
  5. Well, the concensus IS .... NOT playing violin is not an option. That certainly clears the air of all NEGATIVE suggestions ... so all other paths can only help!
  6. LO! I occurs to me that I hope I NEVER have to choose between a comfortable bed ... and a good fiddle!
  7. Good morning, Crystal! LO! Too bad about the broken sack! ... Hmmmm .... I can appreciate your concern about the dependency on the "dots". I know that I feel that my own dependency definitely stands as a block to my "fiddling". But, I also find that it's only an issue if I'm considering a venue other that playing just for myself ....by myself. Since that is the only situation present, it kinda makes the issue an imaginary one. Besides, how else can I sit down and enjoy 100s of neat pieces with so little overhead? There is also some pleasure for me in working out the most pleasing phrasing of each piece .... I've certainly have heard very few so as to know how they are usually rendered. Unapologetically yours,
  8. I would also like to hear your take, Andres, on his "baroque"ness .... http://www.cranfordpub.com/articles/Switch_Hitter.htm
  9. Good morning, Andres! Having read David Greenberg's article in Fiddler since last post, I'm even more interested. I get the impression of baroque violin vs modern violin comparison being on the same footing as lute versus guitar. I also see that Greenberg has sound bites of his baroque recording on his webpage .... so, I'll get to listen to them tonight. (no sound card here at work ... ) Doug
  10. Hmmmm. I don't believe I have ever heard a baroque violin. But, your rendering of your perception of the difference really piques my interest. SO! Does anyone know of a webpage that has sound bites of the same piece being performed by each type of instrument? If not, perhaps someone would contribute such a comparison to the Maestronet collection. HMMMMMM?? Really curious, Doug
  11. OK ... but, what insight did you bring away from the presentation? What questions did it raise or answer for you? Curious, Doug
  12. Good morning, Callie. Jason Woods is a well known Canadian violinist. My guess is he was playing a composition by Canadian composer/pianist Eckardt-Gamatte. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate a composition of hers along lines of: Chanson joyeuse ... Chanson triste / Chanson pathetique. Doug
  13. Good morning! I found several MP3 and Real Audio sources with a "garden waltz" search. Seems to be called "In the Garden Waltz", too. Doug
  14. Yeah, I'd vote for Captain O'Kane (aka The Wounded Hussar). I also like Blind Mary quite a bit.
  15. LO! I am truly envious! Wishing I was going to have THAT much fun, Doug
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