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  1. Latest violin scroll taking shape.
  2. Hi Joe, Here is a pic of the bass. I actually completed it a year ago, but thought I needed to share my unique varnishing experience. Jon
  3. Those of you that are violin makers know what it is like to get close to completing an instrument. All the hours and attention to detail ends with varnishing the instrument. One takes all kind of preparations to make sure the varnishing goes smoothly. Here is the experience that I had building my first (and likely only!) bass. I am all set up to varnish after a year of on and off construction . I made a rotisserie to be able to rotate the bass to any position while varnishing. The varnishing is going flawlessly! The varnish is flowing well, going on evenly, and leveling well. First the top,
  4. Matt, While this is a bit off topic, I feel compelled to share. My bench when new looked like yours. I used it that way for 15 years with only minor wear and it developed an attractive patina from constant work. At times, the glare that came off the bench top was a problem. I would put something like a rag or a piece of wet dry sandpaper on the bench to eliminate the glare. Last year, I took dark leather dye to the top of the bench. That solved the glare problem. It was not easy to mess up the top of the bench, but I wish I had done it a long time ago. Cheers!
  5. My shop consists of an outdoor shop and an indoor shop. Pictured is my indoor shop that used to be the master bedroom. The master bathroom has become the storage and finishing room. That exhaust fan has come in handy! The shower stall has become my UV drying cabinet. I build instruments exclusively (no repairs). Cheers.
  6. After building some 80+ instruments, mostly violins, I am seriously considering building a 3/4 bass. I am of the opinion that a violin maker should build at least one bass as penance ;-) Any suggestions as to models, flat back or carved back, source of plans, would be appreciated. Thanks, Jon Franke
  7. I'm happy to provide a link to my website. http://www.proviolins.com/ I build violins the old fashioned way, one at a time. Cheers, Jon Franke Proviolins.com
  8. Hi all, I am thinking of trying a genuine gut tailgut on my next violin. Does anyone know a source to purchase them? Are there any oldtimers :-) out there that know how to install one? Thanks, Jon
  9. Imagine if you will, a weekend of fun with family and friends. It is now Monday morning. Somewhat forgotten from last week are today's tasks. The sun has been up for an hour, breakfast was nothing special - just enough to make it through the morning so the pangs of hunger don't distract. The solitary craftsman opens the door to the studio. The sun is shining in the lone window and the birds are busy at the feeder and the birdbath. There is a slight essence of the sweet smell of benzoin from Friday's polishing session. This day is unique in that the final details will be achieved. The bench i
  10. Selim, Thanks for your nice comments. I agree that the pallet of colors and how they complement each other surely is important. I am afraid that my photography skills did not capture the warmth of the colors. Yes, there are some minerals present :-)
  11. As far as the antiquing goes, I use the glaze method. The contrast is more apparent in the photos than on the violin. (Sorry for the fuzzy focus on the scroll)
  12. Mauricio, Thanks! I used the channel scrapper tool on this violin as well.
  13. ctviolin, The varnish is a modified Terpene Resin Varnish. I have used Amber varnish recently, but this varnish is now my favorite.
  14. Hi all, A while back I asked folks to suggest something special that I might do to recognize the anniversary of building my 75th instrument. Thanks for the suggestions. I decided to build this violin "straight" and perhaps wait for my 100th to do something special. For those interested, I have included some photos. Thanks again, Jon Proviolins.com
  15. Amori, Yes! I feel good about making - maybe even better than when I first started. Now, building is very easy, so the stress that used to be there about making a mistake has nearly vanished. I job I like, stress free, who could ask for more! I will keep your diamond purfling idea in mind. Perhaps a strategic small purfled diamond on the back.