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  1. Hello Stepan, Hayeren gue khossik? Very nice instruments by the way!
  2. quote: Originally posted by andrewuy: To Illuminatus I think Oscar Shumsky recorded the complete Rode Caprices with his Stradivarius formerly owned by Rode. I have a copy of it. I've been trying to get this CD. Anyone knows if it's sill available and what is the recording label?
  3. quote: Originally posted by Toscha: violoneux: Yes, the Italian CD set is the same as the Philips release. Their remasterings are different, though. Italian CD is somewhat warmer, whereas the Philips (using the No-Noise system) is cleaner. Do you have both releases? If so, which remastering do you prefer? The sound of my LP set is closer to the Italian CD, by the way. Toscha Toscha, I only have the Italian CD remastering. The Philips set went out of circulation very quickly. After years of searching, a fellow Maestronet poster pointed me to CDCONNECTION online store, where I bought the Italian set. I just checked Amazon, and the same set is offered for less; so, maybe I'll buy a spare set A while ago, there was an LP set on a Japanese label going for more than 500$ on Ebay. Thanks for your reply.
  4. quote: Originally posted by Akvarko: Another vote for Josef Suk - he is great-grandson of Antonin Dvorak. Suk-Ancerl is my favorite too; and it's coupled with Suk's Fantasia, an interesting piece, although a bit longish.
  5. All I can say after Toscha's wonderful post above is that Enescu was a phenomenal MUSICIAN and a first rank composer (unfortunately, his best works are still virtually unknown to the average music lover). I have the set on the Italian Discographic Society label, and I enjoy it very much! BTW Toscha, is this the same recording as the one released by Philips years ago?
  6. I'm currently working on Serenade Melancolique, Melodie OP.42/No3 by Tchaikovsky, Wieniawsky-Legende, some Kreisler transcriptions (de Falla-Danse Espagnole, Albeniz-Tango), and Hora Staccato just for the heck of it. Also, polishing off the first 3 Bach cello suites. Next is more Bach (fifth cello suite, first sonata and second partita), Biber's passacaglia for solo violin (if I find the sheet music), some Schubert (Fantasy and Rondo Brillante), and I'll probably start butchering Bartok's solo sonata
  7. quote: Originally posted by SteveLaBonne: Alternatively, places like should have a pretty good selection of their offerings (and if there's anything you want that Amazon US doesn't stock you can try Amazon UK.) Or this:
  8. Not that I'm an expert, but there was a such a maker. According to Henley, "worked at Naples 1740-1790. A German who settled in Italy and studied with the Gagliano family". However, he gives the label as "Giorgio Bairhoff fecit Napoli 17--". Also, Tarisio Auctions offered a Bierhoff violin during the last sale.
  9. Heifetz fans, There is another book to be published soon: [This message has been edited by violoneux (edited 12-19-2000).]
  10. quote: Originally posted by HuangKaiVun: See you guys on Friday the 3rd. HKV, Can't you make it on Saturday or Sunday? I was looking forward to meet you and hear you play some of the violins...
  11. After years of using Eudoxa, I would like to try Oliv strings on my violin. The question is which G and D. Pirastro's Website lists two different Oliv G's and three different D's: G gut/gold-silver, G gut/gold-silver stiff. D gut/silver, D gut/gold-silver and D gut/gold-silver stiff. Can anyone tell me what are the general differences (response/tonal quality) between these different G's and D's? Thanks. I saw the Eudoxa thread after posting this message, and now I can't delete it anymore! Sorry for wasting space... [This message has been edited by violoneux (edited 10-21-2000).]
  12. This is as ridiculous as the Iranian government's (during the Khomeini days) banning of the cello, because some crazy zealots considered its shape too close to the female body...
  13. quote: Originally posted by Klaus Weber: But musicians don`t like to read. No, only tenors, sopranos and some violinists don't like to read