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  1. Can you help me get back online? I am really KenN. I can't get on as KenN. Was always on, now it wants a password. Password doesn't work. Said they would e'mail password, didn't. The e'mail I used for this user name is the correct one if there is a problem with the other. Don't really want to be known as bozo. Thanks.

  2. Trying to upload new profile pic. I've followed instructios about size to no effect.

  3. Trying to upload new profile pic. I've followed instructios about size to no effect.

  4. Though signed in, I'm getting this each time I click on a topic. Am I just being (somehow) dumb?

    "An Error Occurred

    Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

    [#10344] You do not have permission to view this topic....

  5. Oh, and maestramusica, I very much agree.
  6. Oh, no, Austen, you're not saying that in a derrogitory manner...how do you know I don't have the experience? And what, you have all the experience? You are very stuck up, you know that? Acting like you know EVERTHING. (And yes, I am saying that in a derrogitory manner) ...you know more than anybody here, is that what you're saying...
  7. Austen, I'm not saying they're garbage, I'm just saying their quality could be much better. Yes, there are good chinese violins out there, but it's very rare to find one. I've played so many of them, and I hated the tone quality. NEver had I played a decent chinese violin. Basically what I'm saying is if I had $1000 to spend on a violin, I would definitely get a German made or Romanian made violin, considering their reputation is much better. But, you know, if you're on a tight budget, about all there is are chinese violins for you. But if you want a decent violin and you have money, then it's common sense to go for a German made violin. And that's all there is to it.
  8. Austen-well known fact, not an opinion.
  9. Oh, and nickia, why don't you go compare those and maybe you'd think differently...
  10. Yeah, Austen, I mean the fine tuners are actually working on them...barely...that is if they don't break off right when you touch them. It's not only me who has experienced the worst of quality of chinese violins, my teacher has, all of her students have, all of my friends hate how chinese violins always fall apart, so it's kind of common sense not to buy a chinese violin unless you're on a tight budget. So Austen, this isn't so much a steryotype as it is a known fact.
  11. Ehhh, I would give the violin a second thought. I was looking at the Shar catalog, and noticed it was a chinese made violin, and the qualities most likely aren't too great. If you really want a good baroque violin, I would suggest getting like a German made violin, their quality is usually pretty good.
  12. Some people online asked me to record myself play a piece and post it on the Internet, but I don't exactly know how. Does anybody know how to record yourself playing and post it on the Internet? I'm not very good technical wise. Thanks!
  13. I'm learning classical at the moment, but I also really like jazz or swing. Can you recommend any good music or methods for it? Thanks!
  14. It's a great method with great repertiore, challenging the student way more than other instructional books. The skills and level increase a great amount from each book, and the repertoire keeps the student's focus, instead of having boring exercises and little songs. The Suzuki method just basically consists of advanced repertoire, which is why it's not a bad idea to get supplements along with it. It is not only great for young violinists, it's great for everyone learning the violin. Hope this helps...
  15. You probably already know this, but play something solo. I heard that when auditioning, you shouldn't play like duets or anything. And I second all of what DR. S said.
  16. Thank you, DR. S! I've come to realize that it's going to take me a year or so to get a good vibrato, I just wish I can get a reasonable one. I want to take a break from vibrato for a while, but my teacher's kind of pressuring me to use vibrato in the pieces I'm playing. So...
  17. I'm still debating whether I shoul name my violin Claire or Erin...(I love both the names)
  18. I do have a teacher, but we never have time to discuss vibrato. Thanks so much for the reply, Andrew! As for rufviol, my teacher said it was about time for me to learn vibrato. She said it is too late to start after two. I'm at a pretty advanced level, so yeah. I have a pretty good vibrato, it just doesn't sound as I want it to.
  19. For a year now I've been trying to get arm vibrato down. It sounds horrible, and it's barely noticable. I can't keep it going for longer than a half note, and it sounds so uneven. It's not very wide, and it's way too fast. I have such a hard time with it, and it's too late to switch to wrist vibrato. Can anybody recommend any exercises or whatever? I'm getting desperate. Any replies will be appreciated!!!
  20. Very interesting replies! I like the names! I consider my violin to be a girl because it's a darkish brown, with some light spots. I haven't named her yet, only because I haven't thought of a proper name.
  21. I know how you feel. I'm a nutcase when it comes to playing infront of others. I start to sweat, my face turns incredibly red, I spazz everywhere, I'm short of breath, I get lightheaded, and sometimes I even pass out. I can't really offer you any good advice (considering nothing has helped me, except maybe Zoloft). What I would try is something that calms you big time, whether it be yoga or tea, whatever. And just breath!
  22. Is your violin a girl or boy? What's it's name? Did you name it after anyone? Any other personal info about it? I'm curious to hear what every one says!
  23. I'm already playing three octave scales, double stops, and natural harmonics (don't know about the artificial). I'm not very good at the three octave scales, but the rest I can do okay. Just wanted to let you all know...
  24. Thanks for the replies! Rufviol, I play six different instruments, but I'm pretty good at all of them. Thanks anyway! My main concern is it'll do something to my fingers, positive being it will help me with fast passages and intonation, negative being pressing too hard on the violin.
  25. Thank you for all the advice! I'm just planning to make a time limit, like a minimum of __ minutes for something. I first practice my scales (mostly three octave), then the Wohlfaht etudes, then my pieces. In my pieces, I always circle places I need some work on, then practice them over and over. I try not to get distracted, I always turn my tv off and everything else that captures my attention. My main problem now is my arm getting too tired. After playing a piece maybe three times, I get a burning sensation. Oh, and rufviol, I'm 13. I looked up the amount of practice a 13 year old should do, and it was 3-4 hours, so I'm REALLY slacking. Thanks everybody!
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