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Bow Making

Photos related to string instrument bow construction.


  1. Turquoise Bow

    Turquosie Bow was produced for "The Ivory Project" of Darling Publications. 
    -It was placed Turquoise mineral instead of “eyes” and “abalone” on the frogs.
    -Turquoise is a mineral identified with the Turks and the name is coming in this way.
    -It was placed two different colors abolone besides turquoise.
    -The eyes resemble crescents and facing each other based on the "Cintamani" motif which is widely used in Eastern cultures and thought to symbolize power
    -There were only two eyes on the frog and It was not completing number of the crescent. For that reason I used same shape at the end of button and the number was completed.
    -I used raw silk obtained by traditional way and 18 k rose gold thread for lapping.

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  2. Baroque Bows

    Long (Affourtit)
    Short (Forbes)
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