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  3. Hill plastic lapping. The black's OK, but the white's a ghastly color that says FAKE from 50 feet away.
  4. Taking it for granted that you de-greased the slide with acetone first so the CA could adhere to it (?)
  5. I hope I speak for the majority when I inform you that this is, generally speaking, a "politics free zone." You're welcome.
  6. Perhaps, not too un-ironically I agree, Pink Floyd along with many radio staple bands were more like bands you were supposed to like or certainly I lump them in there with bands that other people liked much more than me... However now that they are gone, compared to what the mainstream is shoving down people minds now makes them look like Beethoven. Personally, right now, I'm on a Japanese Grandpa Metal kick, this is one of the best 3 piece outfits I've heard in awhile, just look at that classic SG, the way the varnish ripples in the sun...
  7. Not a good angle, but I think this 1744 would look strange if it had any at all.
  8. I just saw this a couple of hours ago. Lovely bow, but it does not have a registration stamp under the frog, nor a mark on the face plate.
  9. The acetone should work. If not Oberlin's the place. Good luck.
  10. On the Cannone the fluting was there, but quite minimal. I got to see it in Columbus and was surprised at how subtle the effect was. But that's the only Del Gesu I've had the opportunity to see in person, though.
  11. Really!!! Would love having one!!!
  12. Hey!! What's at all cruel about giving you contact info for a descendant of the original, who still makes violins in Budapest??? A trip to see his shop would be interesting.
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  14. mi è stato detto da un esperto: sembra sicuramente Italiano c.1800 ?
  15. Hi Nathan, Not sure how things work in the US, but in the UK, CITES export licenses are granted by DEFRA (kind of department of forests and agriculture). If you can show that a bow and its constituent parts are pre-CITES (1948), or prior to the "endangered" listing of that species, it's not a problem to get a license. However, it's illegal to trade in such items if the receiving country isn't a signatory to CITES.
  16. This is plastic, not whalebone ...
  17. Does anyone have any pictures that show a good representation of the fluting of Guarneri f hole wings? Preferably mid to late period. I imagine like most of his work they probably vary quite a bit. Thanks
  18. Many thanks Jacob. I will look much more carefully at the cello from now on. And it does sound very nice too.
  19. We liked the small (like most Budapest music sites) Museum of Music History up on Castle Hill, which includes a reconstruction of the Pilat-Sáránszky workshop. (My mother-in-law had a very lovely Paulus Pilat from his NY period.) Pilat had a nice bow collection, on display. Also in Buda is the Bartok House while Pest is home to the Liszt Museum, which also has several violins on display. Of course you should try to hear some actual music, and we enjoyed a nice restaurant called Rézkakas for food and Tokaji, as well as the trio, led by violinist Robert Kuti (and featuring a red-hot cimbalom player, when they cut him loose). Enjoy!
  20. That's just cruel. Something tells me that the only way I'm seeing a real S Nemessányi any time soon is if I travel to Toronto...
  21. I found one for you. He looks fairly "real" to me.
  22. I've been selling on Ebay for years and have had mostly positive experiences buying and selling all kinds of merchandise including instruments. For those who have noticed I've been downsizing for awhile and while I've sold items on the Luthier Exchange, Ebay has been a reliable source that has worked fine for me. Never tried selling anything on Craigslist or Etsy...or now Amazon. Thanks Larry
  23. It’s original - they used the same paint as on the Eldon Shamblin gold Strat. I’ll try and sort the image issue out. It’s a fun guitar, and is almost certainly the Cimmaron Red one made for Bill Carson (the fingerboard wear matches a picture of that one taken in 1955). i love that tortoise guard...
  24. Mike, I’ve always been lucky removing the CA and wood from the slide. I sand the wood away and when it starts to get thin the glue just releases - the same as it does when I’m removing a dowel rod I’ve used to shape a pearl eye.
  25. Could this possibly be the late Bill Watson's work? Something about the tortoiseshell looks right, also the head/pernambuco, and the wrapping is identical to one I have on my desk right now. (Totally agree with fiddlecollector; the black and white wrapping looks cheap! Question: is it authentic whalebone, or some kind of imitation?) Of course the brand is different... Cheers! Scoiattola
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