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  2. that looks like a crack in the back near the soundpost??
  3. there was something called the great depression after your figures.
  4. Yikes! This seems a classic case of buying from the labels without looking at the rest I wonder who Thomas is, and if the sons who have helped him were over five years old?
  5. A good plane matters, however without being able to sharpen a blade properly, and set the blade correctly, any advantages one plane has over another will be negated.
  6. Though it may take some time to weed through, there are plenty of hand made antique violins, by obscure makers which can sound surprisingly good for a rather modest sum. I think this applies in most countries, but especially so in countries where you had the "gentleman hobby maker". Britain seems to have a lot of these type of instruments, which still sell for only hundreds of euros. On the other hand, American instruments of a similar type are a bit harder to weed through. There are more which seem to have been made in rural areas, with nothing more than a sharpened teaspoon while very
  7. Date wise, it will be first quarter of 20th century. It is not French.
  8. Mirecourt workshop? Elsewhere? Any sense of time frame?
  9. That's the second time I would say "the usual" this morning, I think I will go back to bed. Looks like it has been revarnished, or somewhat souped up it that repect
  10. It seems to be the right color, anyway...........
  11. I would have thought "the usual"
  12. B.home, I'm following with interest, as those who actually know this stuff reveal the secrets. I confess wanting to see what a dendro would reveal... But, the heel image reveals to my untrained eyes that the rib bottom edge is beneath the top--that is, in a groove. The corner shots indicate that as well, don't they? Linings over the blocks... So, to the experts I wonder--did the French also use one-piece bottom ribs? And I would say, B. Home, that you need to get thee to a luthiery and get this lovely violin in shape and set up! Thank you for not being "the usual."
  13. Final pics, showing outside detail where top and back joins are revealed.
  14. Warchal Karneol are also deserving of a try @ around $35US a set. Very good value IMHO.
  15. It took him 30:years to be recognized, even when such people as Captain Cook acknowledged his invention as solving the problem. The book is absolutely about elitism. No one could abide a peasant solving such a significant problem
  16. Because, as has been mentioned multiple times, she was about to play the Saint-Saens concerto with Frederick Stock and the Chicago symphony.
  17. Ah! But didn't Lord Frederick Pope acquire the Nicolò Bussotti from the Romani camp on his vast estate in England? "What a marvelous violin! I was lured by the music, it drew me across the heath!"
  18. Another vote for Helicore strings. I put them on an instrument last week and they work quite well. They’re clearly durable as well. The previous set on the same instrument had a lot of miles on them and had no winding breakage.
  19. Could I trouble you all for some help on an ID and relative time frame for this violin? Label reads “copie de Jean Baptiste Vuillaume a Paris, Rue Croix des Petits Champs” but I don’t see any other obvious identifiers. Thanks for your time
  20. Here are some photos, I think it is French. Hopefully not cod
  21. Do you get what you pay for in a Veritas plane?
  22. The PMV-11 steel is fantastic, and the blade adjustment is nicer.
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