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  2. So far I have stuck with medium gauge strings, mostly Dominats. What is it that light or heavy versions (e.g. of the Dominats) are supposed to do for you? Response? Volume? Suitability for certain instrument characteristics?
  3. What is it about E strings?

    Just wanted to order a Goldbrokat E to try. But apart from the different gages, there is also "Boldbrokat Premium" with further optins for plating. I think I'll stick with the bare steal in a medium gage (26) for the first test; but what's the defference between "Goldbrokat" and "Goldbrokat Premium"? Worth the extra 40 cents? LOL
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  5. What is it about E strings?

    Good points, but.. The Prim Lisa I was referring to was on my wife's fiddle, which had just received a well needed set up. I listened to her play it with the regular prim E, which she had been unhappy with for quite some time. As soon as I put the Lisa on, I could hear the fiddle sound clearer, with more focus to the tone, and more powerful and resonant sound on all the strings, particularly the G. She noticed the same while playing it.
  6. Looks like a cheap bow - but gold mounted?

    Hi Violadamore here is a photo of the stamp not in the original posting. The bow weighs 61g.
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  8. Wood ID?

  9. Damnatio aeterna, in infernis arderet!!! Of course I'm just kidding, I also have to confess a band saw, a drill press and even an electric grinder, my videos betray me.... Maybe I'll burn in hell too, turn of the damned makers.....
  10. Ego the absolvo.....
  11. What's the Name of Your Violin?

    When it's worth $5000 or more then "Miss Prissy".
  12. Letters from James Hardie to Mr Broadfield

    I doubt this was the only occasion James Hardie had to deal with this particular complaint! He was a bit of a rogue, the majority of his vast output being Markneukirchen instruments which he varnished and labelled ...
  13. Stradivari's nightmare?!

    Guess that I should have gotten a patent.
  14. Pros and cons of Dremel Purfling router

    Yes David Burgess, you have nailed it! All violins by Guarneri Del Gesù,, purflings description by Roger Hargrave in the Guarneri book. The violins are the following: 1 - Joachim, 1737; 2 Ysaye 1740; 3 - Heifetz 1740; 4 - Vieuxtemps, 1741; 5 - Lord Wilton, 1742; 6 - Cannon, 1743; 7 - Carrodus, 1743; 8 - Sauret, 1743; 9 - Doyen, 1744; 10 - Ole Bull, 1744. I imagine their famous owners today and in the past never minded about the purfling of these instruments, they were more interested in their SOUND.
  15. Wood ID?

    I have had a piece of lighty cloloured rose wood ("Palisander") from German ebay that was sold for the purpose of knife handles. Was good for a tailpiece.
  16. Pros and cons of Dremel Purfling router

    With any handheld motorized tool, I use a foot paddle switch for safety and good control.
  17. Wood ID?

    lick it! No Joe, oak floors. I had a fireplace frontage painted white from a barn in Ohio that was gum too. Pink ivory tailpiece.
  18. What's the Name of Your Violin?

    A German violin purchased in Paris: Herr Frank.
  19. Violin ID Help

    Jacob Speaking of “stripey” is a nice one I love to play...
  20. Violin ID Help

    It reminds me a lot of my own, also identified by a good dozen people as an early 20th century Markneukirchen.
  21. Pros and cons of Dremel Purfling router

    Manfio, are these Guarneris you are describing?
  22. What's the Name of Your Violin?

    Much loved huh?
  23. violin ID Help

  24. Wood ID?

  25. Edward Byler's Bench

    It looks nice Ed,, f-holes are fine, they look good.
  26. violin ID Help

    I thought it could be a beat to crap student rental, with the number stamped on the button. I was hoping for a Mittenwald violin, having never tried one yet, but I have to admit that part of my reason for buying it was to get the 50's Lifton case that matches my guitar case, also, I am in a sad state for bows currently & for the price of the entire set-up I could only get something locally that was more horrible than either of these bows could possibly be, I need to play till the snow breaks or I will go stir crazy! I think you are right on about post war, if the case is original( prewar Lifton cases have an oval latch centered on the handle, post war goes to a square latch mounted to the left of the handle as this one has)
  27. Pros and cons of Dremel Purfling router

    Manfio ! Waxing poetic today are we? Brilliant, just brilliant! violin 11.The slot for the purfling is straight and even, consistant distance to the edge, miters perfect,, essentially flawless, boring, doesn't look handmade at all. Evan Guilty sometimes,,,
  28. What's the Name of Your Violin?

    After having quite rapidly aquired several violins each, my wife and I have found that they need simple descriptive names so we know which one we’re talking about. Most of them are named after the name on the label, which also is NOT who made them. So there’s Caspar (da Salo), Garimberti or just Berti (student-made copy), Romeo (Antoniazzi), del Gesu, Zucchini (posthumous work by Ronchini, but it’s slender, yellow, and has stripes), and ‘the fiddle’. And the violas Fortuna (which looks like it is fortunate to have survived for so long) and Pension Fund (Garimberti, real one this time).
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