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Colleen McTigue


Made good progress today. At lunchtime, went to the wood store, and although they disappointingly no longer have all that much violin-specific (mostly guitar, and also viola and cello), I did manage to get 2 sitka tops and 2 nice neck blanks. The tops are marked '91, and one of the necks is marked '93, so I consider these a good score. It'll be a few years, I'm sure, before I'll use them anyway.

I also got my workbench brought inside and set up downstairs. Tomorrow I'll spend time cleaning and organizing the space, prior to moving more stuff down there.

I also think it will be a useful exercise to spend some time examining my #1 and writing down all the flaws I can find, before moving ahead with #2. I know they are numerous, and perhaps having a list to refer to might help me better avoid them. The biggest and most obvious are that the violin is very oversized (due to not having shaped the top and back to the correct dimensions), and the purfling is atrocious.


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