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Returning to the fold...

Colleen McTigue



My name is Colleen, and I live in Ontario, Canada.

Long story short, I made a violin some years ago (I worked on it in 2007-2009), and got a start on making a second one, but got waylaid by a series of life changes. Marriage ended, new start (moved twice), major surgery, back to school, etc. My life has stabilized somewhat, including my financial situation, so I once again have the time and inclination to make musical instruments. I make music as well, and lately I've been on a bit of a buying spree, purchasing several guitars (my main instrument), a keyboard, percussion instruments (including a drum set), and getting my recording gear up to snuff. I've been taking jazz guitar lessons lately, as jazz is one of my favorite styles of music, but I also studied classical guitar in my youth.

Anyway, as I'm about to go through re-setting-up of my workshop and figuring all this stuff out again, I figured I'd start a blog to record it all. Not sure if anyone here will be interested in reading it, but here it is.

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