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APRIL 19, 2018    

Bringing the World's Top Instruments and Dealers to You.

    Name Current
Corilon Violins Gallery Global, Global
  SVS Tonewoods Gallery Global, Global
  West Country Violins Gallery Global, Global

Arthur T. Robinson Gallery Chidlow, Australia

Remenyi House of Music Gallery Toronto, Canada
  Wilder & Davis Luthiers Gallery Montreal, Canada

Jiang Violins Gallery Beijing, China
  Shanghai Tian yin Violin Making Co. Gallery Shanghai, China

Amber Violins Gallery Nailsworth, England
  Bonhams London, England
  Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd. London, England
  Florian Leonhard Gallery London, England
  Frederick Phelps Ltd. Gallery London, England
  J & A Beare Gallery London, England
  Peter Biddulph Gallery London, England
  S. & E.M. Turner Violins Gallery Nottingham, England
  Sotheby's Gallery London, England

Bruno Bourhis Gallery Nantes, France

Moes & Moes Violin Makers Gallery Peissenberg, Germany

Brian Lisus Violins Gallery Worcester, South Africa

Roland Baumgartner Gallery Basel, Switzerland

Alf Studios Gallery Ann Arbor, USA
  Amac Violins Gallery Arcadia, USA
  Bacelar String Instruments Gallery Martinsville, USA
  Bein & Fushi Inc. Gallery Chicago, USA
  Benjamin Ruth Gallery Alpine, USA
  Benning Violins Gallery Los Angeles, USA
  Brobst Violin Shop Gallery Alexandria, USA
  Carl Becker & Son Gallery Chicago, USA
  Chapel Hill Violins Gallery Chapel Hill, USA
  Charles J. Rufino, Jr. Gallery Long Island, USA
  Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd. New York, USA
  Christophe Landon Rare Violins Gallery New York, USA
  Christopher Dungey Gallery Lafayette, USA
  Coda Bow International Gallery Winona, USA
  David I. Folland Gallery Northfield, USA
  Fein Stringed Instruments Gallery St. Paul, USA
  Frank J. Saam Gallery Magnolia, USA
  Frost Gully Violins Gallery Freeport, USA
  Givens Violins Gallery Minneapolis, USA
  Ifshin Violins Gallery El Cerrito, USA
  J. S. Holmes Fine Violins,LLC Gallery Ann Arbor, USA
  James N. McKean Gallery New York, USA
  Joel A. Shewchuk Violins Gallery Scottsdale, USA
  Joesph Conrad Gallery Warren, USA
  John Montgomery Gallery Raleigh, USA
  John R. Waddle Gallery St. Paul, USA
  Johnson String Instruments Gallery Newton Center, USA
  Kelvin Scott Violins Gallery Knoxville, USA
  Laurence Anderson Gallery Northfield, USA
  Lee Guthrie Gallery Hudson, USA
  Mark Edwards Violins Gallery Louisville, USA
  Metropolitan Music Co. Gallery Stowe, USA
  Michael Darnton Gallery Chicago, USA
  Moes & Moes Violin Makers Gallery Westport, USA
  Music City Strings Gallery Rockport, USA
  Peter Zaret & Sons Violins Gallery Cleveland, Pittsburgh, USA
  Potter's Violins Gallery Bethesda, USA
  Reuning & Son Violins Gallery Boston, USA
  Robert M. Childs, Violinmaker Gallery Cambridge, USA
  Roland Huthmaker Bowed String Insturments Gallery Atlanta, USA
  Shar Fine Instruments Gallery Ann Arbor, USA
  Skinner Auctioneers & Appraisers of Antiques & Fine Art Boulton, USA
  Snow Violin Gallery Flushing, USA
  Sofia Violins Gallery Indianapolis, USA
  Thomas Metzler Violin Shop Gallery Glendale, USA
  W. E. Wamsley Restoration Inc. Gallery Haddonfield, USA
  Wrona's House of Violins Gallery Lewiston, USA
  Yung Chin Gallery New York, USA


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