Some of my Automotive Trivia

My current favourite. Owned since 1982. I repainted it about 8 years ago, in my garage. Shown here on the Atlantic coast of Florida near Vero Beach. It now has over 160,000 km of virtually trouble free motoring. For more info on the Z, check out the Z Car Web site

Gone but not forgotten. A joy to drive and maintain, built as solid as they come. A great source for information on restoring and maintaining these cars, is the Mercedes Benz Mialing List

My first car, and my first paint job. Mechanically a good car and fun to drive, but the bodies on these vanish before your eyes. 510 enthusiasts also have their own Web page

Same vehicle in its later years. In all I put over 140,000 miles on this one.

My current project car (for about the last 15 years) is a 1933 Plymouth, and my daily driver is a 1988 Jeep Cherokee Larado with 265,000 km on the clock.